View Full Version : Judging Problems

07-22-2008, 08:26 PM
Judging bbq is difficult. Like the poster in a presently debated thread I have questioned whether or not I did a good job as a judge. I questioned the good scores I gave as well as the bad. The system does not permit a judge to evaluate his or her scores compared to others at his or her table.
A fault in my opinion.
When judging you are required to enter your KCBS judging number on the score sheet. If the reps provided an alternate number to each judge, one known only to that judge and the rep, a compilation of the scores listing the alternate judging number could be given to the judges for their comparison.
This may belong in another thread but I believe the present system using 9 scoring values complicates the scoring process. I believe it would simplify the process by using the following:
6= Excellent, 5= good, 4= ordinary, 3= not good, 2= bad and 1= DQ.