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Pig Headed
06-08-2008, 09:07 AM
Here are the results from Landover from another forum. I can't get rid of the smiley faces, I don't know why. Congrats to all who walked.

10) Virginia BBQ Pirates
9) Bovine and Swine
8. Gooney Creek BBQ
7) Butt-a Bing
6) Dizzy Pig
5) Chicks in Charge
4) Saucy Butt’s BBQ
3) Stoddard and Brown
2) Too Drunk to Cook
1) Chix, Swine and Bovine

10) Butt-a Bing
9) Just Smokin’ Around
8. Saucy Butt’s BBQ
7) Chix, Swin and Bovine
6) Stoddard and Brown
5) Sweet Saviour- y
4) JD’s Smokin’ Misfits
3) Virginia BBQ Pirates
2) Too Drunk to Cook
1)South Carolina BBQ Team

10) Too Drunk to Cook
9) Dizzy Pig
8. Papapsco Valley Smokers
7) Chix, Swine and Bovine
6) Pork and Deans BBQ Team
5) Smokin’ Gnome BBQ
4) Who Are Those Guys
3) Butt-a Bing
2) South Carolina BBQ Team
1) Stoddard and Brown

10) Smokin’ Vet’s
9) Pork and Deans BBQ Team
8. Who are those Guys?
7) Bovine and Swine
6) Dizzy Pig
5) JD’s Smokin’ Misfits
4) Virginia BBQ Pirates
3) Stoddard and Brown
2) Gooney Creek BBQ
1)Too Drunk to Cook Grand – Stoddard and Brown

Reserve – Too Drunk to Cook
GC - Stoddard and Brown

Smokin' Gnome BBQ
06-08-2008, 10:48 AM
way to hot!!!I hope every one is careful in Yardley, I got heat sickness and could even drive home, cant imagin 3 days of the heat !!VA BBQ PIRATES did a really great job, congrats to Stoddard & Brown on 2 for 2 in MD!!