View Full Version : Confirmed Payment 1,000,000 ** rookie48 for 37.50 **

06-05-2008, 03:24 PM
i will send you a check for 1 mil it will be dated 4-28-2050. i know this is goofy but what the hell sorry but i dont have anything left to poan

big brother smoke
06-05-2008, 05:19 PM
Where is your translator?:biggrin:

06-05-2008, 05:34 PM
Where is your translator?:biggrin:He said that he would send a post dated check for one million dollars....also, he does not have anything else to pawn......geez.....I need to drink more....or less....who knows:rolleyes::biggrin:

06-05-2008, 10:38 PM
Just think, a million dollar check from Billy :!: I could cash it in only 42 years, which would make me one hundred forty farkin' two years old :eek:. Still, it's a bit better than investing in the real estate market right now.....

I bid $10.00 :-D

06-06-2008, 06:26 PM

06-06-2008, 10:14 PM
$30 here. (hey - this IS a benefit auction, right?)

michiana mark
06-08-2008, 01:23 AM
I'll go $35.00, as long as the signature isn't forged.:mad:

06-08-2008, 04:34 PM
$37.50 here.

Who would dare to forge Billy's signature? :rolleyes:

06-09-2008, 10:11 AM
Why isn't Wyatt bidding on this? EASY RETIREMENT WYATT!

06-10-2008, 12:28 AM
Why isn't Wyatt bidding on this? EASY RETIREMENT WYATT!

And a chance to see some serious hair-cuttin' :twisted:.