View Full Version : Sallisaw Ok - Who Wants Parsley?

Keri C
05-28-2008, 09:45 AM
We'll be stopping by Thomas Produce in Broken Arrow on our way to That BBQ Thang in the Sprang in Sallisaw OK on June 6 to pick up a case of parsley. 60 bunches to a case, about $18 for the case. If anyone's interested in using some from the case, please let me know roughly how many bunches you'd like, in case we make it to two cases.

Last two comps we've done a Great Parsley Challenge where all the teams that used parsley from the community box compared overall scores afterwards, and the participating team with the lowest overall score paid for the whole case of parsley.

Don't know if we're doing that at Sallisaw or not, but nevertheless it's been some very nice parsley compared with what we're finding in the stores right now.

Keri C