View Full Version : Barnesville BBQ & Blues

blues brother
04-08-2008, 11:16 AM
Ok Brothers, one more update on Barnesville...

One of our sponsors(Best tech computer service located on Main St) will have wireless internet service for the BBQ cook teams free of charge. This service should reach all of our cook team sites.

If you guys see any of our sponsors the weekend of the event please take a minute to say thanks. Without their support our cook team fees would have to be higher.

The Barnesville BBQ & Blues committee is looking forward to this event. We think it will be the best one in the state this year.

If any teams will have children with them between the ages of 8-14 they are welcome to compete in a hot dog contest sat. morning around 11am. We will provide each child with 4 cooked hotdogs and the child will get to dress his dog with whatever condiment he wants. There is no entry fee for this event and grand prize is $50 bucks!

We have drawn up a "cook team satisfaction survey" that we would like for all teams to complete. These should be in your info packet you get upon arrival.

We are looking forward to seeing y'all in a couple of weeks!!