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01-31-2008, 11:33 PM
Big Creek BBQ has been cooking competitively for close to three years now (wow, THAT doesn't seem possible!) We started at the Royal in 2005 and sucked. Badly. A week later at DeSoto, KS, we finished like 15th or so out of 30 to 35 teams with a top ten call in chicken. In 2006, my teammate was replaced by my wife and together, we worked hard, learned great lessons from some of the best friends we've ever made and took what I still think was a surprisingly high number of walks to the stage for a rookie team. Last year, we had Stan (also a Brethren who moved from Texas to our hometown) join us at several contest. We were more or less mentoring him last year. Stan was already a knowledgeable BBQ guy but contests were new to him. As I've been told many times by more than a single person, anyone can make great BBQ but you have to learn how to compete. I think Stan learned that last year. He decided he wanted to help pay for a contest and cook a category. You might recall, in that contest, Stan's brisket took first place! We were damned proud of him.

Our Web site is www.BigCreekBBQ.com (http://www.BigCreekBBQ.com)

Upcoming events: We have yet to finalize our 2008 schedule but due to my need to be more of a dad to my daughter and do other things with her for a change (our entire lives seem to revolve around BBQ - not a day goes by, even in winter, that I don't think or talk about it), we plan to cut back from a dozen or more events to six to eight. Right now the only entry I've sent in is for the Great American BBQ on Memorial Day weekend in Kansas City, KS. Other contests we're looking into include St. Joseph, MO (May 2-3), Sedalia, MO (June 13-14), Marshalltown, IA or Boonville, MO (June 27-28), Blue Springs, MO (no announced date yet) and DeSoto, KS (Oct 10-11).

Most contests we compete in are within Missouri and Kansas. Occasionally we stray (Michigan in 2006 and Colorado in 2007). Gas prices may keep us closer to home in 2008.

All contests in which we compete are sanctioned by the KCBS.

I can be reached at BigCreekBBQ at Embarqmail dot com.