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01-31-2008, 01:28 PM
Team name: Bucky McOinkum's Barbecue
We've done seven comps, with awards in brisket and ribs. We started competing in 2005, and have not yet been DAL in anything, though that can always change. The team is made up of me and Mark Peebles, and my wife does turn in boxes for us. We use all our own recipes, no commercial rubs or sauces. And we try to have fun, except during turn ins. :)

Web site: http://blog.buckymcoinkumsbbq.com and http://www.buckymcoinkumsbbq.com

Upcoming events:
BBQ Vineyard, Dayton, OH, May 17/18
Q for the Kids, Fairbanks, IN, June 6/7
Ohio Veteran Barbecue Cookoff, Kettering, OH, July 18/19
Jim Dandy's BBQ Cookoff, Cincinnati, OH, September 13/14
and maybe the Ohio Smoked Meats Festival, Nelsonville, OH, October 17/18 or 25/26

Location info: SW Ohio

Sanctioning body info: KCBS

Contact info: cmcadams@buckymcoinkumsbbq.com

We like to have one grunt, I mean new competitor, at our comps to get an idea if they like competing or not, and just to have some fun and enjoy the barbecue. One or two extra people mean a bit more sleep for everyone. We may not win, but we at least understand how the game is played!