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01-02-2008, 04:17 PM
Clint has been very quiet and very busy with his new baby.

I encourage everyone to also check out the bio of another brethren for BOD. Heres is a copy of his Q&A if you have not read it. The Bullsheet has his full bio.

Garden City, NY

Q1. For the past 15 years, I’ve overseen publicity for some of America’s largest companies and, in the process, have built long standing relationships with many of the top media outlets…from the New York Times and the Today Show to Food & Wine magazine and the Food Network. Having watched from the sidelines as these outlets continue to cover barbeque on an increasingly frequent basis, it is my goal to make KCBS the “go to” authority when backyard grilling recipes are written or remote stories are done from the Royal or other major events.

At the end of the day, it’s my love for barbeque and its ability to transform complete strangers into instant friends -- or to spawn a heated debate on the Internet over “proper” cooking techniques -- that really drives me. Born in Texas, raised in Kansas City, and married to Memphis, I truly do have barbeque sauce in my blood and I want to apply that experience and passion towards helping to strengthen the KCBS family.

Q2. As the popularity of competition barbeque continues to grow, one of the most pressing challenges facing KCBS over the next several years is the ability of event organizers to properly fund new events, and the addition and retention of quality judges. By promoting KCBS as the “go to” authority on outdoor cooking, it is my intent to engage backyard grillers to volunteer at local competitions and therefore introducing them to the hobby, to inspire corporations to lend product and financial support, and to inspire organizers to build bigger and better competitions.

Q3. Immediately, I would look to establish new and ongoing relationships with various food and consumer media across the country, reaffirming KCBS’s position as their “go to” authority on outdoor cooking and competition barbeque. Each summer, countless newspapers and magazines print articles and recipes on grilling and barbeque while Bravo, Food Network and the major morning shows devote countless hours to the subject.

By strengthening our relationship with these and other outlets, it is my long term objective to have KCBS recipes and tips printed in those newspapers and magazines (thus increasing recognition of the KCBS brand throughout the country), to further coverage of existing and future events (thus enticing companies to further their support of KCBS events), and to have KCBS adequately represented during the countless barbeque specials and outdoor cooking demonstrations airing each summer.

Q4. When I accepted my nomination, I did so fully committed to becoming an active and engaged member of the Board of Directors. It is my intention to be a voice of the 8,000 KCBS members, and I realize that to do so means reading and responding to questions or concerns raised on various online forums; actively participating in KCBS sanctioned contests and speaking with as many teams possible during those events; and sharing our combined knowledge with the widest audience possible through current and future media opportunities.

Q5. As captain of a first year competition team, Smoke in Da Eye, I believe I am a fair representation of the ever increasing number of individuals across the country ready to test their barbeque skills at a local contest. KCBS, as the “go to” authority on outdoor cooking, has the ability to better educate the public as to the benefits of supporting competition barbeque, whether as cooks, volunteers, sponsors or judges. And KCBS, as the governing body of these events, has the opportunity to share the experiences of teams such as mine through the media so that first time competitors are not only better informed and prepared, but instantly feel part of the KCBS family.

Q6. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not for the money or for the groupies. While barbeque has always been a part of my life, it wasn’t until I discovered KCBS a few years ago that I realized how many people across the country – and around the globe – share my passion. KCBS has made me a better cook through the trial and error of competition and has brought me together with dozens of strangers I now consider friends for life. Should I be elected, I intend to share those experiences with as large an audience possible, further strengthening KCBS’s position as the authoritative voice of barbeque nation.

01-02-2008, 04:37 PM
Done deal Phil.