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BBQ Grail
12-08-2007, 09:44 PM
Thought someone of you Texas Brothers might be interested.

ROADFOOD Newsletter, December, 2007

Circle December 11 on your calendar. That is when tickets go on sale for the Roadfood
Texas eating tour. They will become available at 1pm EST. Roadfood Insider members
get first crack at them; and if there are any left, they will be made available
to all after that date. As mentioned in the last newsletter, there are two separate
events this year, and those who want to attend both should be sure to get a ticket
for both. Check the home page for purchasing instructions.

The main attraction is a full-day bus tour from Austin into barbecue country from
about 9am to 5pm on Saturday, April 26, 2008. The itinerary will take us to the
most renowned pits in Texas (and some would say the best in the world), where the
menu includes quintessential Lone Star BBQ brisket, as well as sausage (known locally
as hot guts), mutton, and prime rib. Along the way, we will stop for donuts and
perhaps also have a go at a few of the region's excellent cream pies. Between
stops, tour members will have the opportunity to get acquainted (or reacquainted)
with us and Roadfood.com partners Stephen Rushmore, Marc Bruno, Bruce Bilmes, to
win some fine prizes in the Roadfood quiz, to have a newly-published copy of the
2008 edition of Roadfood personally inscribed and signed by the two of us, and to
swap good eats stories with each other. Tickets for the bus tour are $125, including
transportation, the signed copy of Roadfood, and a special Roadfood.com souvenir.
Food at the restaurants we visit will be paid for separately by each participant.

The reason this tour is more expensive than last year's is that it is an all-day
event (necessary because of the distances between stops). To help compensate for
the extra cost, Stephen has arranged special rates for participants at the Sheraton
Austin Hotel, which is a great place to stay. Standard rate is $359 per night. Roadfood
tour people can book a room for $109/$119 (single/double) per night! Here's
where to do so: http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=0712074483&key=74D69

The night before the bus tour, Roadfood.com will be hosting a party at Threadgill's,
the renowned eatery/beer hall that opened in the 1930s, was an essential part of
the Austin music scene in the 1960s (Janis Joplin's first venue), and is still
a source of big, satisfying true-Tex meals. In addition to eating and drinking,
the night will include a screening of a rough-cut and/or scenes from the forthcoming
television documentary about Roadfood, some of which was shot during last year's
bus tour of Nashville and environs, as well as a performance by killer comedian
Bill Kirchenbauer, who has been a long-time friend of Roadfood. Tickets for the
Friday night get-together at Threadgill's will be $42 per person, including
dinner (but not all the beer you can drink!).

This year's tour looks to be the best ever; and if you are not yet familiar
with Texas-style barbecue, we can practically guarantee you will fall in love with
it at the places we are planning to visit.

Now, onto a few other items. if you are a fan of Bon Ton Mini-Mart, the superlative
fried-chicken restaurant in Henderson, Kentucky, or if you are planning to visit
it some time in the undefined future, we highly recommend you go there soon, like
within the next year. We can't say much more than that, except that the opportunity
to savor this chicken, made from a unique recipe, may not last forever.

May we suggest that anyone who is a sausage fan and/or Hungarian food fan pick
up a copy of the December issue of Gourmet Magazine? The Roadfood column this month
is devoted to Al's Butcher Shop and Al's Corner Lunch in Barberton, Ohio,
both of which are American treasures.

See you in Austin!

-- Jane & Michael

12-09-2007, 12:24 AM
Wish I could go!