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09-21-2007, 02:31 PM
I have entered this contest, and I had a question about the grilling portion. I did e-mail the organizer, and I thought I would get some Brethren thoughts.

One of the meats for the grilling contest is sirloin strip steak. (Others are wings, shellfish, and kebobs) I was thinking of using the steak in fajita's, or something along that line. The steak would of course be grilled first.

Thoughts? The rules are below. Thanks


Grilling rules
All four items will be presented in standard 9” x 9” boxes

ALL KCBS sauce rules to apply, all garnishes must be edible, more than one type of shellfish may be presented, steak can be presented with mushrooms or onions or other toppings including sauces , as it may be done in a restaurant.
If kabobs with skewers are used - 6 sets must be presented. Shellfish may be presented in or on its shells

Lakeside Smoker
09-21-2007, 03:43 PM

You should be fine under those rules. But I'm not the organizer; you should let Vito answer that type of question.
If you make fajitas make sure you have some steak showing so the judges can rate the appearance of the meat.

Good luck!


09-21-2007, 08:24 PM
Adventure Larry - I think it's a great idea, however my only experience with a similar entry did not produce great scores although it tasted awesome.

Phil, Jorge and I did a the following entry at Harpoon for Chef's Choice...

We did our version of a philly cheesesteak wrap (basically the same thing a fajita).

It was sliced thinly sliced hanger steak, 4 types of shredded cheese, sauteed onion& pepper, light coating of BBQ sauce all rolled in a fajita wrap. We then cut in halves and sat in the box so the open end with the inside exposed was visible to the judges.

Average scores across the board but made for a great lunch.

Lakeside Smoker
09-22-2007, 09:23 AM
This was posted on another forum:

Hi Cindi and everyone signed up for the CAPE CONTEST.

Vito called me yesterday. The Cape contest has been postponed. Vito said he's working on another date for it in late October. I didn't put out an e-mail yesterday, because Vito said he would be posting something, but I want people to know, so I'm posting this now.

He has had trouble with the Indians, they don't want the BBQ on their land. He checked with Peter's Pond but they have something going on next weekend, so we can't go there.

Sorry, everyone, this is all the information I have at this time. Hopefully, Vito will post something soon.


09-22-2007, 09:47 AM
Thanks for posting that. I guess that means I can spend more time practicing. Never a bad thing when the result is good BBQ.


09-24-2007, 09:43 AM
28 Hamblins Hayway, Marstons Mills, Ma.02648 508-801-1406 porkys@cape.com

To: All concerned with the Cape Cod Classic

Do too many problems that our host is experiencing which have now included the FBI and the IRS and The State Attorney Generals office they had asked me to move the contest to the end of October? I requested KCBS for a date change and I have not heard from them about it. I felt this was unfair to ask everyone to hang in any longer while thing stabilize with our host situation. I am going to continue to try to find another venue to hold a contest latter this fall. I have submitted an application to use a venue in the Mid-Cape area and I am waiting for a reply.

I have contacted most of the teams so far and if you were singed up and did not here from me please call me at 508-801-1406 so that I can ensure that you received this notice.

I am returning the teams checks to them as if I do get this other location it will be a Friday night load in and a Saturday contest. The 4 KCBS meats on Saturday and Maybe some type of contest on Friday night. We will try to secure KCBS sanctioning for this event if it happens but we will still run it as a non-sanctioned event if there is enough interest.

This ordeal has been very hard for me to deal with as I have had to be on the road between Missouri, Cape Cod and Pa picking up and delivering equipment that was ordered for customers from as for back as last June.

Last year when we moved this contest at the last minute, and we sustained a loss of almost $2,000 WE CAN NOT ENDURE THAT AGAIN THIS YEAR. We will try our best to secure a venue that will allow this event to continue and be as close to revenue neutral as possible.

I would like to express my apology for any inconvenience that this has caused and would like to thank all involved for your patience and understanding in this matter.

I would ask that if you have questions I am always available on my cell at 508-801-1406 even while I am away. If you get my voice mail please leaves a message and I will return your call once I retrieve your message.

Sincerely, Vito Marotta

10-15-2007, 11:21 AM
I just got this from the contest organizer.

The Cape Classic BBQ Contest
Is Indefinitely postponed.

This was not the outcome that I was hoping for but the venue insist that they reserve the right to cancel up until the Wednesday before. Last Friday was the deadline to pay for the Police and Fire detail to cover this event which I let pass. Their fees were non refundable and last year I lost over 2 Thousand dollars when I had to move this event. I am not willing to take that sort of loss again, I have tried to find another venue and thought we had when the Police wanted us to have their command truck staffed with to officers and have two patrolmen on site while the public would be there and 1 patrolman over night. The cost is prohibitive. This late in the season there would be only limited ability to attract the few tourist left on the Cape to attend this event. I will continue to try to find a location that will host an event to try have a fun event. The problems that we had with the fairgrounds and the abuse of alcohol still haunt this event. at least 4 other venues refused to allow us to use their venues because they had heard of these issues.

With deep regrets,
Vito Marotta
Porky's BBQ Productions