View Full Version : So Long Summer Rib Cookoff and Blues Bash

The Pigman
09-17-2007, 03:45 PM
Held at Turfway Park Race Track in Northern Kentucky and put on by Diamonddz BBQ (BBQ BRETHREN) Dave Thibodeau.

1st pic is Dave and his wife with Billy of Billy Bones BBQ.
2nd pic Billy, Myself and Dave Kegley (Tired Billy put me to work)
3rd pic is Larry Durain Jr. (JR's Wood Fire BBQ) and Billy (Billy Bones BBQ) BBQ-Brethren
4th Pic is Larry and Jack Logsdon (Larrys teammate)
5th pic is Steve Seige (Billy Bones BBQ) BBQ-BRETHREN
6th pic is Dave Warford (Cincy Blues Society) and Dave Thibodeau
7th pic is jack logsdon with Jr's Wood Fire BBQ out of Findley Ohio.

09-18-2007, 12:34 PM
thanks pigman for all your help! not to many would pull on a apron and through down like you did, hope I didnt show you to many bad habits:shock::eek: you may have a new view of feeding the masses :wink:
We were very happy to win peoples choice and 3rd in ribs with some very stiff competition.

A special thanks to Diamond Dz crew and to Dave and Steve for putting on a great first year event. BillyBones and his crew will be back and The Damn Yankee Team are counting the days till next year!

The Pigman
09-18-2007, 02:45 PM
Steve I enjoyed every minute I was there....after having 32 boys in a scout troop to running one of the largest church festivals in cincy for many years has taught me how to pitch in. Was glad I was able to help you, I learned alot and had a ball even with needing ducktape(You record still good I wont tell) Had a great time talking to you and Larry, Jack and of course sitting with Billy.....wish that trout stream was flowing while we were sitting there. I did learn one thing you dont ever look to see where that line ends......just as you dont look down while climbing.. You go into shock....The never ending battle.

But where else can youstand in the middle of a field and RUB your butt and SMOKE a fattie and get paid for it and win a trophy.

Soon you may be seeing SMOKIN BLUES BBQ on your travels....stop by and have a drink.

BTW are you going to the www.ohiobbq.com (http://www.ohiobbq.com) in oct.

The Giggler
09-18-2007, 04:40 PM
BTW are you going to the www.ohiobbq.com (http://www.ohiobbq.com) in oct.[/quote]

What's the deal with this contest? I see it listed on KCBS, and want to attend. Made several attempts at contacting the organizer, and nothing. A fellow Brethren send me the app via email (Thanks Double D's). Is this still on for 2007? Any info you could provide is appreciated.

Nice to see Que catching on in my home state of Ohio. Hey O, Way To Go Ohio! We're looking forward to the day when we can compete without having to travel so darn far.

The Pigman
09-19-2007, 01:17 AM
The info I have is Joe Steele 740-753-3531 PO box 397
Nelsonville, Ohio 45764 Held at Hocking College at their Field.

I will be at my cabin in Hockin Hills which is close by and plan on coming as visitor. But if you ask sseige I dont sit to long. Can join at night at cook.

www.athensohio.com/events/index.php?page=188item=400 (http://www.athensohio.com/events/index.php?page=188item=400)