View Full Version : NON-Food Drive in Lowell, MA this weekend!

09-04-2007, 09:22 AM
Hi ~
Those of you (competition teams only, please) who aren't able to cook extra food, there is still a way that you can be a part of this charitable adventure. The Cor Unum Meal Center has a need for non-food items too. Here is a list of the things they need, most of them are things that teams have to get anyway for a competition. If your team would be willing to donate any of these items, please let me know via e-mail, Michelob515 at aol dot com, PM me, or respond here.

I'd really like us to be able to make a huge impact this weekend by helping out the Cor Unum Meal Center.

Trash Bags (30 and 55 Gallon)
Aluminum Foil
Plastic wrap
Storage and freezer bags (large size)
Plastic disposable gloves
Paper towels
Large paper plates (heavy duty plastic, chinet or styrofoam)
Small paper plates (heavy duty plastic, chinet or styrofoam)
Styrofoam or plastic bowls
Plastic cold drink cups
Styrofoam hot cups
Plastic spoons, forks and knives

Sorry for the lastminute stuff, this is my first time...:confused:
Thanks again to everyone for making this happen!