View Full Version : Results from this weekend- Princeton, WI (Burning Down The Fox),

Papa Hogg
08-27-2007, 10:25 AM
Competed this weekend in Princeton, WI (Burning Down The Fox), 40 teams total. Harbormaster was nice enough to volunteer to be my pit bitch & lend me a helping hand or 2.

I placed 17th overall, I got a call 7th place on my pork shoulder, 14th with ribs, 20th with chicken (I used a version of Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce) so I was not too suprised with this ranking being I went non-traditional, & my brisket finished 32nd. The brisket score somewhat suprised me, it was juicy, tender & what I thought was a great beef flavor, I did only use salt, pepper, cayenne & Lowry's on it, so the next comp in a month I will be doing something completely different with it, but I will keep it simple at home.

Here are some pictures, I forgot to take a picture of the brisket turn in (no seriously, I was caught up in the moment :biggrin: ). Any comments (good or bad) on my boxes would be appreciated.

08-27-2007, 12:28 PM
Just my $.02 but I think that your chicken looks a little dark to me. I also think you might want to use more garnish in your boxes next time too. I do like the shot of your pork, that box is nice. Ribs themselves looked good.

Like I said these are just my thoughts and I am sure you will get more input here.


08-28-2007, 08:28 AM
Thought I would chime in here and let y'all know that Papa Hoggs cooking was excellent on all entries.
The ribs were cooked to perfect tenderness (secret rub recipe was astounding...), the chicken was more beautiful than the pics show, and the brisket turn in box was really good looking. I too was shocked at the low brisket score. No way was it a 32nd place turn in. (Now, the brisket I cooked for us to eat was a different story. Cranial Rectal Inversion occured and I left it on the WSM too long. Still tasted great, nice bark, put it fell apart)

BTW, Papa is on the left, and the good looking fella on the right is me.

08-28-2007, 08:58 AM
None of the boxes really "Wow" me or anything..everything looked kinda blah and dry. More garnish. Give everything a spritz or a nice shiney glaze. The pork looked weird to me. Chicken also didnt look that great. I have had the big bob gibson style chicken before and liked it but certianly wouldnt turn it in.

08-28-2007, 12:51 PM
Nice showing Papa
Here ya go, remember you axed.
Chicken-5. a little dark, pieces pretty big,either lay them all flat or on edge not some of both. Garnish is ok. Sauce?looks like you sneezed on em. It's ok to step outside the box. Bad scores? Move on...
Ribs-7. Cut edges too jagged. I would perfer two rows of three, not a big fan of side views. They look very tasty though.
Pork-7. Chunked bark very good look, ring around the rosie pulled, not so much. Try loosey,goosey natural placement, with chunks here an there.
Brisket - It looks good, send me a samich.....
Good luck on your next attempt, your stuff looks good to me.