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07-22-2007, 04:48 PM
We have updated our website with pictures from the bbq'loo and blues with our new canopy and setup on way we smoke one the Spicewine, we also have a section for turn in pictures. http://www.n2que.com (http://www.n2que.com/)

BIG difference in our presentation from westmont to this one here is some info on our outcome.

overall 15th out of 37 Teams

our scoring....

Chicken 987,977,877,887,888,887
Ribs 887,778,999,777,976,976
Pork 877,877,766,878,879,867
Brisket 876,999,998,867,898,877
Sides 777,777,878,877,877,767

these are our firsts with 999 which is pretty good we Dq'd ourselves(didn't turn in dessert) as the wifes dish got hit my the soggy monster being inside the ice chest just from condensation.

07-22-2007, 08:09 PM
Big Improvement w/ turn in boxes...

Nice placing w/ brisket. Might want to consider using a different brush on them. The first thing that caught my eyes was the lines from the brush strokes running horizontally.

07-22-2007, 08:17 PM
the brisket was different then what you seen some was still worked on after the picture as we seen this and that for changes.

07-22-2007, 10:30 PM
What did you brush the brisket with? It looks very nice.

07-22-2007, 10:49 PM
Silicon brushes cause lines big time. I found a chain brush as Bass Pro last year that I love for comps. It doesn't leave lines and washes REALLY easily between categories. It's pretty large but does the job.

07-23-2007, 01:14 PM
Ok Here's my .02.

Side dish - invest in some ramikins ( one entry with very tasty beans showed up in a SS bucket, and thats all I heard was the bucket) maybe crisp up the bacon a pinch. Lose the parsley in the beans ( heard a couple remarks from other judges about greens in beans). They look quite tasty!!

Chicken - only thing I see is mismatch in size and the one skin flap pulled up. Other than that they look fantastic!! Tenderness were all 7's were they a little mushy?

Ribs - clean up scraggly edges and place really tight together. Judges love the one piece look. Taste scores look like there asking for more flavor.
Would have loved to taste 'em.

Pork - Nice lookin. Medium sized chunks, lots of bark ( judges love to gnaw on bark) maybe just a little dark (too much sugar in rub or spray?) Again ,taste scores indicate qwest for more flavor. Do you inject?

Brisket - Yummy!! Pics and scores say your there. Only thing besides the brush marks ( you already handled that) is get those slices lined up as perfect as you can. That one slice in back and the line up on the right side could have been your missing 4 points.

I know it sounds llike all I'm doing is picking little stuff but thats all you got!! Very nice showing. I've seen some real bad looking boxes from people I'm sure have a lot more time on the road than you two.
Very few boxes have only parsley, most line the bottom with lettuce and than fill with parsley. Personally I really like the look you have going, some boxes are sooo packed with green it's distracting.
Carry on.......

Excellent website by the way!!

07-23-2007, 01:42 PM
I agree about paying close attention to everything that you put in your box. When I turn in, I do not have one piece of anything out of place... Make sure if you are maiking cuts, that your knife is sharp and you get clean lines. My way of thinking is to not give the judges any reason to score you down. I had 3 7's at Waterloo and that doesn't make me happy, as I aim for all 8's and 9's for my presentation. As those were easy points that I lost. Don't give away any points and the better you will do...


07-23-2007, 07:47 PM
thanks for the crits exactly what i was looking for.

the ribs was a little done so they was falling apart tops just kinda moved with the knife ( used a fillet knife and was very sharp) just the meat was not working with us. i tried my best to clean it up as much as i could.

chicken we bought chicken from 2 places like 8 and 12 pieces of each. our first comp our thighs was huge so this time we got small and big to have a selection. another we got alittle hot so dried alittle. size wise the large was still to large and the small we tried our best to get 6 slices the same size, and seemed like some was almost triangle looking so we had to go with 1 trianglish. thats why the weird one.

pork this is the first time we injected and it was just apple juice with some of our rub. again our first inject so mighta been not enough not sure. we did use a new sauce in it and we thought tasted great maybe we needed more i am not sure.

the brisket even tho we got 5th was not our first choice, we cooked 3 briskets. the one we chose to use as we tasted all 3. we started to cut and just fell apart we had no other option but to use one of the others so we sent with the 2nd best as we cut the bark started to break some. but we did what we could get the slices and think if the first would have cut better we could have done better then 5th.

side dish- not sure i threw in the 4 pieces of parsley just for a garnish ok now i know not to do that. taste wise was probably the best beans i had. wife took all out extra stuff to work today, and the beans was a total hit so no clue on them except seems alot more gourmet'ish sides was turned in. *shrug* would love to turn it in again at another comp to see how they fair.

its all good the big thing for this comp was to get garnish down better and score higher in presentation i think we did that, and besides doing some different cooking which we will not do again as we will cook the way we always do. guess a comp is not a place to experiment at. owell we have fun, spent time with brethren, met some new teams everything is good.

07-23-2007, 08:52 PM

You are learning "experience" lessons in a very quick way. Nothing like real experience to shorten that learning curve. You are doing great!!!