View Full Version : 1st Annual Kentucky Blue BBQ & Blues Festival

Diamond D'z
05-21-2007, 01:41 PM
Diamond D'z in conjunction with Turfway Parks www.turfway.com (http://www.turfway.com) are holding the "1st Annual Kentucky Blue BBQ & Blues Festival" on Sept 15th. We will have the Billybones crew and other TBA vending and competing. If you have an interest please PM me or check out our site in a week for all of the details. www.diamonddzbbq.com (http://www.diamonddzbbq.com) We will also be giving away a portion of proceeds to Charities.

I know that there is a comp that same weekend across the river in Cincy @ Jim Dandy's and unfortunately we had no other choice but that one date. Probably for the same reason Jim Dandy's selection of date. We will see if next year we can get a date and have Jim Dandy with us.