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04-27-2007, 03:30 PM
I used my rudimentary search skills to look for info on how long raw food can be frozen. I turned up this thread:


which seems to indicate that food can be frozen pretty much indefinitely, but that some degradation in quality is likely to occur. I'm curious because I have a brisket and a butt that have been in the freezer (chest-type) since last summer. The brisket is cryo-ed, but the butt was in a double cryo, which I opened so I could cook one. I wrapped the other up at tightly as I could and froze it. Over the last year I've failed to plan a thaw far enough in advance to cook them, so I've ended up just buying more. (I have't taken them out and let them partially thaw.)

I'm not concerned that they may have gone bad, but I'd be interested to hear anecdotal experiences about long-term freezing. What effects have you noticed in situations like this?

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04-27-2007, 04:19 PM
I had some cryo'd babybacks in the freezer for over a year. Same on some briskets (packers) and a couple butts. Never saw or tasted any problem. But I wasn't comparing them to fresh either since I filled up the smoker with the older stuff.

04-27-2007, 05:56 PM
Vitamin, you chatty Farker, you.

You are right, if raw food remains frozen in a deep freeze, it will last indefinitely as far as safety is concerned. Your cyrovaced will for sure be as good as the day you froze it, the butt might be dehydrated some [freezer burn] but that does not really change the taste much unless it is severe. I WOULD take time to defrost them in the fridge though--this will reduce moisture loss.

I frequently have stuff in my freezer for over a year, and cook with good results. As a matter of fact, I buy whole ny strips and/or whole rib-eyes from Sam's, cut them into thick steaks, and freeze them a 100 pounds at the time. Sometimes I think they are better after a few months in the freezer.