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04-26-2007, 01:56 PM
Glad to say that LP Que is full! Sold out and now taking a waiting list. We are accepting judges though. This is a list of the teams that will be cooking the contest.
Arlie Bragg

Daisy May's BBQ
Lone Wolf BBQ
Vincent Smokin Kettle
The Heat Is On
Ponderosa BBQ
Grillas BBQ Team
A Boy and His BBQ Team
Pork Patrol
Slow and Easy BBQ
Grillin Thyme
Sauced Up Smokers
Gator's Git-R-Dun BBQ
Pork County Barbecue
Valley View BBQ
Vande Rose Farms
Quality Manufactoring
Andy's Barbecue
Checker PIG BBQ
Yellow Jacket BBQ
River City BBQ
Holstein Manufactering Inc
Wizards of Que
Out of this World BBQ
Jarb's BBQ
Hermans BBQ
Grate Expectations BBQ
Pellet Envy
Britts Barbecue
Tennessee Trio
Blazen BBQ
American Barbecue Systems
Four Men and a Pig
Squealers Award Winning Barbeque
BBQr's Delight
Smokin Clones BBQ
Throw Down Cookers
Texas Rib Rangers
Smokin' Guns
Jacks Old South
Ulcer Acres
Parairie Oak Smokers
Gold Mine Ribs
High Pressure Gas
Smokin Triggers
Code Blue BBQ
Jerry King Midland, TX
It Ain't Prime
Daddy Bob's
BillyBones BBQ US Touring Team