View Full Version : Don't Forget Tahlequah Oklahoma this weekend!

04-24-2007, 06:49 PM
Guys and Gals:
Darcy Hicks is helping the Tahlequah Chamber kicking off their first ever cookoff Fri and Sat. They are not sanctioned this year, but are going by KCBS rules to the T. There are 2 meats Brisket and Ribs and this is a perfect way to get into the comp mode if you haven't already. Prize money isn't the best but will go into someones pocket. There aren't but 12 teams signed up as of Monday. It will be alot of fun and needed experience for the few of us that haven't hit the comp trail hard yet. Call the Tahlaqua Chamber of Commerce to get entered if you are anywhere close to Lake Tenkiller or the Tahlequa area and can come join us.