View Full Version : Firehouse BBQ Restraunt

Pig Headed
03-14-2007, 07:45 PM
Well brethren, I had possibly the worst BBQ I've ever eaten today. I stopped by a new BBQ joint in Elkton, MD today. The owner? came up to us and made a big spiel about how everything is cooked low & slow and they don't even have a microwave in the place. It was a cafeteria style where you go down the line and pick out what you want. I wanted to leave, as everything looked very dry. In fact I made the comment that the brisket looked pretty dry and the server made a face.I know it must be hard to keep everything warm and not dry it out, but this was pathetic. It's a shame ecause it looks like he put some money into it with the decor and an Old Hickory smoker, but the results.... What a shame.