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03-08-2007, 12:34 PM
since we are not sure when we will have the smoker, guessing 2 weeks, then we will get our trailer. question is how fast do comps fillup? not to sure exactly the time frame of smoker and trailer but we want to start comps as soon as we can from that time, but afraid 07 season might just already be filled up.

another question what do you do with your vehicles at comps i look at pictures seems alot have there vehicles at there spot is this considered in the say 20x20 or whatever size? just trying to figure out size of things, we are cnsidering using the smoker on the ramp of the trailer 9 dont have to take the smoker in an out the trailer) but size wise you looking at 7x20 just in a trailer with ramp down. so could only fir say 2 10x10 ezups plus trailer to get int the 20x20 comps i have seen 20x30 which seems to be more of.

arggg pull my hair out with everything i can think of

03-08-2007, 12:41 PM
Some comps fill up faast and others (many of them) you can enter right up to the last minute. The "07" season is a LONG way from being full.

Normally at a comp you are required to fit entirely inside your space. So if you have a 20x20 space and have 2 10x10 tents and a 7x20 trailer you have a space about 3x20 foot left over - you vehicle would need to park in the parking lot. Sometimes you can "use" a little bit of your neighbors spot in a pinch and they don't need it but it would be down right rude to assume that you were going to use their space.

03-08-2007, 06:11 PM
Most contests require your auto to be parked away from the contest area. It is an insurance matter. They do not want you to hitail it out of there as soon as you pack up, after the last judging. Usually at that time, the contest grounds is full of pedestrians, and they do not want to worry about vehicle traffic within the contest grounds. If you have a 20 x 20 area, which is a common size you will not have room for your cooker/trailer, two 10 x 10 ez-ups and your car.

Many contests fill up early and some are begging for cookers at the last minute. For example the New Holland Summer Fest allows only 72 teams and they invite the returnees first. If there are teams that do not want to return, those spots are offered to the public first come, first served. Some contests fold because of lack of interest. It just depends on the contest. Ask questions here, thats what this forum is for. If there is a contest you are interested in just post and we will help you.

03-08-2007, 06:41 PM
Wayne and Guy pretty much covered it.

Most contest around here don't "fill up" -- there are a couple that come close and it's more a space and services (electric/water) restriction than having "too many". Several FL contest are running 50+ teams regularly and Lakeland and Plant City are two KCBS examples.

We've been at a couple of contests where your vehicle can be parked near the site...and Key Largo in 2005 had parking right behind the sites. Very convenient. Most of the contests around here have relatively convenient parking -- you can usually see your vehicle. Obviously this isn't true at things like the Royal.

03-08-2007, 07:35 PM
thanks alot for the help. just 2 concerns atm is when we start if we can still get into some comps this year. second is setup of our area. we have sat down tonight on paper and looked at the designs if we have 20x20 area we can do trailer with a 10x20 canopy and have a bigo 3 ft left over. thats fine with vehicle parked in parking lot, just alot of pics i have seen seems like canopies smokers( on trailers with vehicles on hand) so i thought i would ask. i also looked thru majority of the posted URLS from kcbs and seems alot are going to 20x30 or even 30x40 and even 25x25 so if worse is 20x20 we will be fine. again thanks alot for the information. i just didnt want to get out there and freak because i thought different

03-08-2007, 09:30 PM

Now is the time we as a team look to get our applications in with a check. We tend to be a little early mostly because cabin fever is starting to get to us badly and after all we are Polocks. It couldn't hurt you to apply now to a couple it's up to you. Money is the only thing between us paying all 8 of our entries now and next month.

FYI: Some contests we throw an extra $50 or so in for a second site because our trailer is 24' with the tounge and won't fit in a 20 x 20 site. You could do the same also if you wished.

beam boys bbq
03-09-2007, 09:21 PM
ask if you can buy the beer for an team in your city and go to an cook out and help them and get your feet wet and get the lay out of how everything runs

then when the smoker is ready you don't get stressed out on your first contest with your own cooker

this is what we did when we were getting in to this


my wife is from fort doge FYI

03-09-2007, 09:32 PM
thanks for the comments

beam boys bbq@ i guess i am a two feet kinda guy, jusmp right in and start treading water, learn as you go and have fun every step of the way. just some unanswered questions here and there so the brethern filling in the spots. smoker should be here next week gonna run some test runs and get to comps. i work from home so i have been reading every single thing i can on comps. from being from texas and been smoking for years i am not afraid of the cooking part at all, just the little things like space which you dont have to worry about at your home kinda stuff.

But i do thank everyone who replies not only to this thread but the many i have asked questions on. its people like you all that help us first timers to just jump right in and get the ball rolling.