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02-24-2007, 10:08 PM
Just finished a long one--3200 miles :redface:
First off to Plano TX to see sons (Jackson's Dad and Steve) and GrandKiddo Christian; then to Santa Fe, NM to see Daugher and GrandKiddo Raymond; then to Austin, TX to visit and rest with Karen's sister and her family.
Anyway, finally home in Marianna and just now chilling out!

Pic of Kiddo below is Christian, Jacksons Dad's one year old boy. What a hoot to be around.
Somehow, no pics of my 6 y/o GrandKiddo in Santa Fe. At least on this camera. Messed up I guess.

Real adventure began as we approached the "Hill Country" East of Austin on I-10.
We had heard of a place with the "Best Apple Pies in the Universe" in Medina, TX on "Food Finds" on Food TV. We went looking.
Medina is down Hwy 16 about 30 miles off the Interstate. And--that includes about 16 miles of the twistiest, turniest, up and down and all around, road I have driven in ages :lol:
You bikers would love this stretch!
I timed the return trip--16 miles in 42 minutes. Figure it out :lol:
Actually, great fun and a pleasant break from 80 MPH Interstate driving for days on end :redface:

First treat was the "Biker Church" as we left Kerrvile.
Times have really changed since the Easy Rider days.
Glad to see it--I know several of the Brothers still ride. I quit years ago.

The FoodTV place was "Love Creek" in Medina.
Walk in the door and you go into Appla and Cinnimon shock! :lol:
Bought a pie and some turnovers and all kinds of chit.
Bought 2 bottles of Apple Jalepeno jelly. Stuff is awesome with cream cheese on crackers!
One bottle for Jorge, one for me.
Never got together with Jorge, so I am eating both of them :lol:

Farkin pie was like 3.5 to 4 inches thick!
A ton of apples sliced really thin with lots of flavor and a light crust.
The pic is poor--envision golden brown instead of gold or yellow :redface:
Never had one like it before and will make the trip again!!!!!!!!

Enough for now--


02-24-2007, 10:14 PM
Sounds busy but a relaxing week away.... I'm sure seeing your family was well worth all the miles...

Welcome back Tim..

02-24-2007, 10:32 PM
Oh Yeah---

Stopped in Baton Rouge at Chris' Speciality Meats (I-12 at Exit 6).
Bought $50 worth of PRIMO sausage.
Lots of Venison and "Spcied up Pork" !
Just waiting on FEC now to start cooking it up!
And, $19.97 worth of Boudin for Chad! (He set a $20 limit --close enough? :redface: )

Life "was grand" till we wandered back into traffic in the I-12 and cross road construction zone! :twisted: Don't wanna talk about that!