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02-18-2007, 08:42 PM
For all of you who use anything Google . . .

I have started adding the KCBS calendar to the Google calendar application.

Of course I started it so that I can remind myself of events coming up so that I can make it to more of them . . . but I thought 'what the heckster' and marked the events in the calendar as a public calendar.

So . . . keep in mind I've never published a public calendar using Google before so I have no idea how this works, but . . . the theory is you should be able to go to the Google calendar, search public calendars for Kansas City BBQ Events and find the entries I've made so far.


I just finished entering the May 11-12 weekend (during which is my hometown event here in Lawrence).

IF there's anyone out there who might have a bit of extra time and is interested in helping me get the rest of the 2007 events entered, just drop me a message here on the forums. I'll invite you to help me edit the calendar. Otherwise I'll continue, as I have time, to keep entering the events.

Thanks and have fun!

/Brother Dave

AWE, CRUD! I just now, at this very moment, realized that there's a perfectly good calendar here on this forum! I really should have added the events there. Or not, since the Google calendar will be accessible by anyone in the world searching for KCBS events. Oh well. For what it's worth . . . -BD