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01-15-2007, 09:53 AM
Welp over weekend Me and my wife Dianne went to Westmont IL for judging class. First off want to thank KCBS for doing these classes and westmont for there help in the class and to Mike and Theresa Lake for doing the class.

Now on to the class :P . Had alot of fun. alot of the clas was common sense stuff , but also alot of new things we never had known without this class. First half was on rules and regs on judging. second half really got into judging, We did mock judging of 3 entrees from each Category ( chicken,pork,brisket,rib) and wow the difference in numbers from low(2-3) to (9) on the same table. i believe alot of these people are not forgeting what they know,like,and what should be, in there eyes. and not judging on the entrees merit.

But all in all was great class glad we both took the class, BTW met RonL there ,was at my table. didn't really know til later on. Me and the wife are ready to start judging we both know that comp is totally different, as what we sampled was mass produced by the same people ( Uncle Bub's BBQ) In comps there will be alot of difference from one to another and whatnot. Looking forward to judging and doing my part to help the great love we all like BBQ Comps.

01-15-2007, 10:04 AM
You are well on your way. I can hear the excitement!

01-17-2007, 12:17 PM
Congrats Bill,
After being certified last March I can see why some of you cooks get so jacked over how stuff is scored at these classes. You know how your BBQ tastes and probably some others as well. But for the non-cooks who take the class it is the first competition style BBQ they will ever experience.
Over the last summer I judged 6 contests and I would admit that my first comp was not as good as my second which was not as good as my third..
you get the idea. After each contest I spend quite a bit of time analyzing how I did at that contest and what I should or could have done to make me a better judge.
So I guess my point is you have to start somewhere with experience. In my neck of the woods they always ask who's a first timer and make sure that they are not grouped up at any one table.
All the best judges had their first contest sometime!!!

01-17-2007, 01:53 PM
2 things really i wanted from the class was to be able to judge when i wasnt really wanting to do a contest so i could still be part of it in one way or another. but from a competition stand point its one thing to cook in your backyard and such but to know how to make up the box i had no clue so now i know what is looked for and what is kinda looked at differently. this was just a stepping stone to getting started in the comp scene. hopefully tax season will be nice to us and ill have my fec100 soon afterwards and the comps will be starting for me and my wife

01-17-2007, 02:26 PM
Gee Bill, you got it bad!!! :biggrin: I can see you are really getting into this. That is awesome.