View Full Version : January 1st - Felda, FL (KCBS)

01-04-2007, 04:55 PM
Florida kicked off the KCBS season on January 1st at Felda, FL.

Brethren teams were well represented.

Congrats to Mike/Woodhouse Grill for Reserve.
Congrats to Clara (Mrs. Homebbq.com) for her first place dessert.

A good field was present.

Partial results:

Reserve: The Woodhouse Grill
5th overall: Homebbq.com

Chicken: 3rd - Homebbq.com

Ribs: 3rd - The Woodhouse Grill

Pork: 3rd - The Woodhouse Grill
4th - Homebbq.com

Brisket: 1st - The Woodhouse Grill
2nd - Homebbq.com

Sauce: 2nd - Homebbq.com

Dessert: 1st - Homebbq.com

Byron/Buttrub.com took GC.
Bill & Nina/Bill & the Dixie Chicks too first place chicken and ribs and placed 9th in pork and brisket. IE: top 10 in all four categories, but only took 4th overall - scores for Mike must have been HUGE!!

Congrats, again, to everyone.