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01-02-2007, 10:15 AM
With the KCBS election beginning on the 3rd, have you considered what qualities you desire in casting your vote for a candidate. Is it that you cooked next to him/her? Or that you know their name? Perhaps they have posted on the Brethren? What do you know about them?
I am considering my votes. I wonder what characteristics you want to see in the candidate. Some of mine that I am considering are:

1. Are they available to listen to my voice and concerns. Will they be responsive to me and to the membership?

2. Will they devote the time to run a committee and handle the business of KCBS. It is not a one hour a month position.

3. What thoughts do they bring to the table? Are their visions similar to mine, or make me think about my vision for KCBS.

4. Do they possess skills which will aid them in being on the board? (not much cooking or judging is done in the board room)

These are a few. What do you consider to be the major characteristics you want to see in the candidate when you cast your vote?
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01-02-2007, 10:28 AM

I think you hit the main themes at the highest level. There are, of course, more layers as you peel back each of these. As someone brings thoughts to the table, how will they affect KCBS? Everyone one has an opinion, some are conservative from the status quo and some are more radical. What is needed? Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one and most of them stink. Change has to be thoughtful, IMHO. KCBS is not in an incubator stage, again IMHO. This isn't the time to try this and try that.

I know that area representaion is a big concern to most people. "People in my region will understand our specific issues." There is a good deal of truth in that I suspect. This isn't a silver bullet for getting everything you want.

Though not much judging or cooking is done in the KCBS board room, I think having different experiences is important to know what issues and perspectives come from being a cook, a judge, a rep, an organizer, a farker.

Obviously, we don't get to know the agendas and personalities of each person running for the board. For those that reach out into the BBQ community (like Merl on this board), it helps. As important as being available to listen to me, willingness is key. Being a good listener is important. I can't say that about everyone running that I know.

01-02-2007, 08:05 PM
This is a very good question Merl !!!! Both your thoughts, as well as Todd's are right on target. In a perfect world, they should all be factored in when making a decision. But in the real world I just don't think it's very feasible for the "average" (and I stress average, not those in the trenches, in the know, been around for many years etc.) KCBS member to put that much time and effort into their selection process with regular day to day personal responsibilities. Many people don't even make an educated decision when they vote for local and federal gov't.

There are many qualities that make a good leader both through voice and action. Most of these are unable to be measured by the "average" KCBS member with the current tools available.

So for me , who I consider to be an "average" member, I rely on the following criteria in order of importance to me

1) Do I know the candidate personally to make a fair assumption of how I think they would handle the duties ? ( Have I met them in person maybe at a contest ? Do I know them from the Brethren board ? Are they worthy of my vote based on how they come across and display their abilities and demeanor ?)

2) Previous involvement / service in various capacities of KCBS (as a cook, judge, contest rep organizer, previous board member etc) as well as their profession to see if their are skills of value (ex. IT, legal, managerial level, job with high degree of planning or organizing)

3) Is there goal to uphold the mission statement of KCBS as a whole ? just to promote the contest end of it ? If just the contest end, do they have the cooks best interests at heart or soley the financial aspect of growth, $$, sponsorships etc. Im not always of the belief that bigger necessarily means better for any organization.

3) Have they taken the time to thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions in the KCBS Bullsheet. If they are a previous BOD member, did they detail what they accomplished in their last term that they had a large role in ?

I am curious to hear how others will determine who they will vote for...