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12-30-2006, 06:59 PM
How are rubs judged at contests like the American Royal? Seems hard to really judge. A finger tip test is a very different experience than tasting a rub cooked on a piece of meat. Then some rubs are great with beef but not pork or pork/chicken and not beef.

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Saw on the application for the Great American BBQ Contest the method they use to judge a rub.

Each baste or rub will be placed in a plain, unlabeled container and assigned a number. Judges will evaluate at least 12 bastes or rubs. Each baste will be applied to a seperate slab of pork ribs and cooked in the same pit by and experienced pitmaster. They will be judged as follows: Flavor on meat and Flavor without meat/ scale 1-15.

Hey Bill, I just answered my own question again. :wink: