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11-18-2006, 10:32 AM
I found this interesting. I've always wondered about how hosts were re-imbursed for use of thier facilities at events. I know each place is different, but I still found this interesting. So there.

Harmon Field, Polk chamber sign new BBQ festival contract

Leah Justice
November 17, 2006

Harmon Field and the Polk County Chamber of Commerce will have a different arrangement next year for payment and reimbursement for the annual Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival held at Harmon Field.

Under a new contract signed by chamber of commerce president Carl Caudle and the Harmon Field Board of Supervisors, next year’s festival will pay Harmon Field 50 cents per patron and reimburse Harmon Field for town employee work and utilities.

Tryon Town Manager Jim Fatland said the new agreement will work out better for Harmon Field as the payment next year will come within 30 days of the festival end and will most likely be a substantially higher amount.
Harmon Field in the past has received 10 percent of the festivals profits. Fatland said 50 cents per patron will equate to $10,000 if 20,000 patrons attend the festival. The festival has drawn 25,000 patrons in past festivals.
In the past, Fatland said, when expenses for the festival rose for some reason, the profit margin was cut, which hurt Harmon Field’s portion.
The new agreement also includes that the payment be within 30 days of the festival, which means Harmon Field will know what the revenue will be prior to determining the next year’s budget.

The new agreement is for a five-year period. The contract should be made final at the Tryon Town Council’s next meeting.

Chamber representatives presented the Harmon Field Board of Supervisors the 2006 barbecue festival check for $2,950 during Harmon Field’s regular meeting on Tuesday.

Fatland said the largest check Harmon Field has received from the festival was last year’s, which was for $5,200.