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10-04-2006, 07:59 PM
As part of my culinary school studies, I took my state's food handlers exam yesterday, and aced it. That's not as impressinve as it sounds, I've heard that we (Oregon) have one of the laxest health departments in the country. But part of the school's cirriculum is to take us through Servsafe certification.

Wine & Swine
10-04-2006, 08:11 PM
The stories I heard from both the instructor & other people in my class for NYC were unreal. It was pretty scary how little most people knew (or cared about).

10-04-2006, 08:18 PM
Yeah, it is scary. In Oregon, the test is 32 questions (all multiple choice) long, and you can miss up to 8 and still pass. *shudder*

10-05-2006, 09:24 PM
Whether you thought it was hard or easy, it's not a bad thing to have.

10-12-2006, 07:37 PM
Can I take the course online just to see where I would rate at? Would be kind of fun.

10-12-2006, 07:58 PM
Not without paying the fee and receiving the card. You CAN, however, download a .PDF of the training manual:


Which includes a sample test. The real one is just as easy, only longer.

10-12-2006, 08:39 PM
I went to alot of work here. The practice test is also in this forum. Here is a link to it http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19000

For those who missed it. There is a forum up top in the awareness forum, that is a study guide for the test. It was originally a poll, but reading through it will help give you some insight as well as some answers to prepare for the test.

10-12-2006, 10:35 PM
Congrats BrianBinOR