View Full Version : 5 Events in a small area

06-09-2014, 09:19 PM
Since the BBQ Team and The CBJ's count was down from previous years, I was curious as to why. Using the KCBS "events" page, I found that within a triangle
from Marysville to St Joseph, Mo, down to Lee' Summit, MO and back to Marysville, there were 5 KCBS sanction competitions.
Marysville: Big Blue BBQ. $7900 prize money, 25 teams
St. Joe, MO. Smokin n a Rollin, ? Prize $, 22 teams
Lee's Summit, MO. Smokin on the Summit, $10,000, 79 teams
McLouth,KS McLouth BBQ Blowout, $6075, 36 teams
Mayetta, KS Keepers of the Fire, $14,585, 54 teams with 5 side contests, $6,185
Unofficial team count for these 5 events = 206 comp teams all within this triangle
of contests.
No wonder the numbers were down this year!
The mayetta contest had backing of a casino.