View Full Version : Reverse Flow UDS or PBC. Do you like it

06-07-2014, 06:28 AM
I have a new design of fire basket on UDS or PBC.
It has proven great.

To help you understand my new design of reserve flow,
I repeat old design below

Coal basket

How my UDS looks like

Inside View I

Inside View II

Inside View III

Inside View IV

We chinese prefer hot and fast grilling of small pieces of mutton on skewer.
Meat near coal basket gets to burn to black coal
But meat far away coal basket does not have any sign of sear.

So I have following design of Reverse Flow
I add 3 smoke outlet pipes as in a normal UDS.
I also add a removable center pipe, which is pass of hot smoke
Instead of 3 support beams, I make 3 circles grill.
The skewers will be hanged on the circles
You can also make a normal grill with a hole in center for the center smoke pipe to go through. This grill can be put in the second level of stops
If you remove center pipe it will be a normal UDS or PBC.
You can also put a normal grill on the second level of stops.

What is you idea
Does it work
Is it necessary
Will you pay for this extra design