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05-25-2014, 06:34 PM
Hey guys, I know this is not the right forum for intros, but this is the thread i most often visit and figured the other members in here would be the most familiar with my situation.

I have been a backyard barbecue hobbyist for the past 8 years. I have invested a lot of time and money in learning how to produce a quality product.

In February, I found a 320 gallon LP tank on craigslist, using it and a retired boat trailer, I built my mobile reverse flow pit. I didn't think that I would use it very often, just a few times per year for friends and family gatherings.

I was wrong, after using it for about 6 weekends in a row (personal, family, neighbors birthday) I realized that the pit was spectacular. It draws as well as one could expect, it is as efficient as a stick burner of it's size could be, and it is a show stopper out here in the southwest where all people know about is Santa Marie style tri-tip "barbecue".

Fortunately, my wife and I own a successful landscape maintenance company that has afforded us the opportunity to jump in head first legally. At this time we are only open on Friday's. We just completed our 5th week and have developed a very loyal following already. It is a ton of work in our little makeshift trailer, but it is very rewarding. So far, our best week was last week, we grossed $1600, and maxed out the real estate in the pit. http://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140314-00974_zpsc4020d36.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140314-00983_zps6ca11cc7.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140410-01064_zps1d466327.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140419-01082_zps8891562b.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140420-01084_zps0e4baee9.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140420-01087_zps8d794b51.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140420-01085_zps197788ce.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140423-01093_zps62726b98.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140424-01097_zps426d8039.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140510-01139_zpsb612ceeb.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140508-01128_zpsef790a64.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140429-01106_zps56e8d757.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140501-01108_zps12d47730.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140517-01158_zps38c04a25.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140523-01162_zps5ffb815b.jpghttp://i1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj544/NM83/IMG-20140523-01163_zps4436b928.jpg

Trailer Trash
05-25-2014, 08:51 PM
Eviemae's, this looks awesome. Great job on the pit! Where are you parked in Tucson. Maybe I can get down there to check you out. Very impressive!

05-25-2014, 09:22 PM
Wow, that is a nice setup you have there, glad that it's moving in the right direction for you.

05-25-2014, 09:23 PM
Eviemae's, this looks awesome. Great job on the pit! Where are you parked in Tucson. Maybe I can get down there to check you out. Very impressive!

To any brethren that are in the area, we set up in the old Santa Rita golf club parking lot, 16461 S Houghton Rd, Corona de Tucson, Arizona. The golf course went belly up in 2010m but the club house has been bought by a woman who runs a dance studio at the location.

05-25-2014, 10:05 PM
Nice smoker, nice succulent brisket shot. Good luck!

Bbq Bubba
05-26-2014, 08:24 AM
That brisket is money!!!