View Full Version : Midwood Smokehouse - Charlotte, NC

05-18-2014, 03:52 PM
I was in the area so I went to Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte for dinner yesterday with family.


(Forgot to take any pics). :doh:

Had the combo platter of chopped pork barbecue, st. louis ribs and brisket (fatty & lean), along with beans, hushpuppies and mac & Cheese.

Overall, everything was good. I liked the fact that they asked if I wanted the ribs sauced or unsauced.

I also like that they had Shiner Bock for $3 !!!

What I was tempted to order was the special. They said they try to have a special from non-traditional (US) barbecue. Yesterday they offered a smoked beef shoulder with chimichurri sauce and some Argentinian side dish. Sounded good but I wanted to try the regular Q.

Atomoshere is 1/2 bar like and 1/2 typical BBQ place with walls filled with license plates, pigs and other ornaments. It's only been there since 2011 so this is not a nostalgic que joint or traditional NC only place.

Service was good but I realized later on that this place is owned by restaurant group that has other places like Mexican, burger joint etc.

The plus was they cooked with all wood and you could tell from eating it Good smoke flavor and color. Ribs overcooked to fall off the bone but I understand why in that setting. Sauces were good especially the Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce. Went well with the pork.