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05-01-2014, 07:07 AM
An existing client has asked that we provide 4 sides for his company party.

Mac n Cheese
Smashed Taters
Pinto Beans
Green Beans

This is the first request of this type for us. He expects between 150 - 175 folks. I almost look at this as needing to make enough for half the folks to have "either" "or". Certainly not 150-175 servings of each?

What do the experienced folks say? How many pans of each item?

05-01-2014, 04:35 PM
If I cook anything, and put it on a buffet table, I make sure there is enough of each dish for each person. I do this because doing otherwise has taught me painful lessons.

Side dishes are your friend---use them as a friend. Make enough of each side dish for each person but with 4 sides figure 3 ounces per person, per side dish. Control this portion by use of three compartment plates, and 3 oz serving ladles. Line the side dishes up on the buffet table in order of lowest cost first.

Beans are cheap I use 1 pound of dried beans per 10 people---so 150 people would be 15 pounds---and some will be left over
Potatoes are cheap----I use 1/4 pound per person ---so 150 people would be 37 1/3 pounds
Green beans are cheap----I read label and serving size on package to determine how much for 150--3 ounce servings
Mac n Cheese will be most expensive side dish because of cost of cheese etc-----but it is still an inexpensive side dish

Most BBQ cooks want to concentrate on cooking BBQ and use meticulous steps to make the BBQ awesome and then buy cheap crap for side dishes. Big money is not made on selling meat------money is made on side dishes. Put as much passion into side dishes as you do the BBQ and it will work.

Why do fast food restaurants sell 99 cent burgers? They do not make money on 99 cent burgers-----but the french fries have a huge profit margin and the drinks have an unbelievable mark up------side dishes are "their" friend

05-01-2014, 07:12 PM
Everything Chuck says is so true and his numbers are perfect. Think about how many places push their "combo" happy meals and offer supper size to get more out of you.