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06-28-2006, 07:52 AM
Anyone besides HoocheeQue competing in this one? Kap'n and Southern Brethren coming up? We need someone else there to listen to us b**** about how hot it is.

06-28-2006, 08:42 AM
Tim and I will be there...we'll probably roll in Thursday afternoon/evening. "Have Kingfisher. Will travel." :mrgreen:

06-28-2006, 09:22 PM
Tim and I will be there...we'll probably roll in Thursday afternoon/evening. "Have Kingfisher. Will travel." :mrgreen:

Damn......the boys from the south fly the banner again.......well......go kick some a$$.......

06-29-2006, 04:30 PM
we will be there, sometime Thursday.. But if they don't have power, we will wait until Friday. I have heard we need to bring the generators, that they won't have power out there.... I hope that rumer is wrong.

Florida Farmer
06-29-2006, 04:34 PM
They are supposed to have a centrally located place that's air conditioned too.

06-30-2006, 01:34 AM
No Power? I don't have a generator. That's going to be one noisy competition if that's true. Oh well. I'll be packing the flashlights and extra batteries. I heard it was going to be held on a runway. Walt advised them to put us in the grass beside the runway. That Walt's a smart man.

07-06-2006, 11:36 PM
I spoke with organizer.

There "should" be electrical power for all. They had a problem early on, but feel it has been corrected.

For those traveling long distances--this is not the MECCA of BBQ nor a major Metro area.
Lodging is scarce--Daleville, AL, Enterprise, AL, and Ozark, AL are your best bets. Dothan, AL is further, but larger with lots of lodging. About 45 minutes away. If you need off site lodging, get it now in the order indicated above. It is available, but will book up quick as this "major event" nears. The good news is that lodging is cheap by most standards at $40-70 per night for some decent digs.

Bring your own meats and greenery if possible. Chicken and Ribs should be available locally if you hunt.
Brisket and Butts--???? I have supplier in Panama City, 105 miles from Ft Rucker (and 60 miles from here) and that is what I have to do to get comp quality Brisket. Drove down there today to cherry pick Brisket and get it in frig.
Quality 8# Butts "come and go" from the local markets.
I have 2 quality packer briskets I bought for a long distance team in the frig. If they do not show (hint, hint)--I will sell to someone who needs them for my cost. Or, I will just use them later.

Finally, this is on a Military post. Their website talks about checking into post. http://www.bbqalabama.com/PostEntryRquirements.cfm. Ya need to leave the guns and other weapons at home. Have Id's for everyone (adults), vehicle registration and insurance handy. You will be "boarded" for a look around. The gate MP's should have a list of competitors (my guess) which may help. But...... this is not a place to "press the limits" on requirements :lol:

New post reg--do not get caught driving with cell phone plastered to your ear. $200 to the local Magistrate if I remember correctly. I could support that rule nationwide :lol:

They are at 50 teams and growing daily. Claim to be ready for 100. Time will tell.

This event is gonna be HUGE, by anyones standards, or a first year event. It is Govt backed and run, so who knows where that will go.
I believe there will be a lot of "celebrity" judges or "crash course" judges just because of geography.. But, that affects everyone equally.
Just need to see how it plays out!

Y'all come on down and play :lol:


07-25-2006, 01:26 PM
Just bumping so someone does not start another thread as this event approaches.

I hear PelletEnvy is coming :lol:
Lots of talent gonna be there to fill the top slots.
Gonna be hot and stormy--"edge" to HomeBBQ on foul weather cooking.

HUGE crowds expected, time will tell.

If anyone wants to color coordinate underware, let's do it PM, Email, or Phone--OK? :lol:


07-25-2006, 01:42 PM
This deal is going to be a who's who. Here are some of the names I've heard will be there:

Jack's Old South
Head Country
Lotta Bull
Smokin' Triggers
Jiggy Piggy
Piggin' and Grinnin'
Blind Dog's
Cool Smoke
Music City Pig Pals/Tom & Josh's Orgasmic Slabs
Home BBQ

Heck, I'm just gettin' warmed up . . . . Honestly, I'm just scratching the surface of the talent at this event. Should be fun (and hot, and maybe wet).


P.S. - No offense if I didn't include your team name. I'm not a great typer and I haven't seen a printed list of teams.

07-27-2006, 07:04 AM
I haven't seen a list either, but have heard Jack's Old South name mentioned as well.

I would "guess" Big Bob Gibson will be there since they are sponsoring the event.

I just hope to back into my name getting called in one category - even if it's an ancillary.

07-27-2006, 08:59 AM
I haven't seen a list either, but have heard Jack's Old South name mentioned as well.

I would "guess" Big Bob Gibson will be there since they are sponsoring the event.

I just hope to back into my name getting called in one category - even if it's an ancillary.

Myron told me up in VT that he was cooking Ft Rucker. In a one week period he drove GA > VT > AL for two contests.

07-30-2006, 12:20 PM
Results anyone?

07-30-2006, 12:28 PM
Results anyone?

Haven't seen all of them but I did find these:

Grand - Lotta Bull
Reserve - Munchie's Smokehouse

07-30-2006, 12:35 PM
Found in another forum:

"1","Lotta Bull BBQ","684.0000"
"2","Munchee's Smokehouse","670.8574"
"3","The Woodhouse Grill","670.2858"
"4","Jackie & the Butts","669.1430"
"5","Head Country II","665.7140"
"6","Bill and the Dixie Chick","656.5714"
"7","Pellet Envy","654.2854"
"9","Lazy Bones BBQ","652.5710"
"10","Wild Bunch Butt Burners","651.9996"
"11","Tarheel Smokers","651.4280"
"14","Blindog's Outlaw BBQ Gan","647.4286"
"16","Smoke & Spice","644.5712"
"17","Swamp Boys BBQ","642.2852"
"18","EJ's BBQ","642.2850"
"19","Johnny Trigg","641.7134"
"20","Cool Smoke","641.7132"
"21","Where There's Smoke, BBQ","638.2852"
"22","Flying Pig BBQ","637.7144"
"23","Bad Backs & BBQ","636.5714"
"24","Grillin' Thyme","635.9990"
"25","Piggin' & Grinnin' BBQ","635.4284"
"26","Big Daddy's Butt Rub","634.8568"
"27","Tastebud Teasers","634.8566"
"28","Smoky Mountain Smokers","634.2852"
"29","Throw Down Cookers","631.4286"
"30","Jack's Old South","631.4282"
"31","Where There's Smoke,Fire","630.8570"
"32","Taste-Liss Cookers","630.2852"
"33","Jiggy Piggy","629.7140"
"34","Buzzards Bait BBQ","629.1426"
"35","Music City Slab Pals","627.9996"
"36","Bare Bonz BBQ","626.8566"
"37","Bean Bandits","626.8560"
"38","Jerry King of Midland Te","626.2858"
"39","Chatham Artillery BBQ","626.2850"
"40","City Hogs","624.5712"
"41","Pork Pi BBQ","623.4288"
"42","Bubba's Tennessee Smoker","618.8566"
"43","Redneck BBQ","617.1426"
"44","Too Hawg Nutz","617.1424"
"45","High Times Smokers","616.5708"
"46","Southern Brethren","616.0000"
"47","Camp-Bell BBQ","615.4280"
"48","Hog Wild & Pig Crazy","614.8572"
"49","Neighbor's Brewin' & Que","614.8566"
"50","Governor's BBQ","613.7138"
"51,"Barbeque Crew","612.5716"
"52","Big Green Eggs & Ham","608.5708"
"53","Mad Dawg's Smokehouse","608.5708"
"54","The Smokin' Hole","607.9998"
"55","Holy Cow Cookers","606.8566"
"56","Papa J's","606.2848"
"57","Hoochee Que Comp. BBQ","605.1418"
"60","Heavenly Barbecue","593.1418"
"61","MDT Smokers","587.4280"
"63","Ronnie Gilley Properties","583.4294"
"65","Patio People","574.8566"
"66","Possum Ridge BBQ","573.7136"
"67","Fine Swine","564.5706"

Added bold to catch Brethren Teams--Hope I got us all!

07-30-2006, 07:53 PM
First time event. Bit off more than they could chew with all the ancillaries, "events", and size. Hopefully, will be better next year.

High point was having Rod Gray for a neighbor. Great guy.

Congrats to the Brethren (too many to list) and everyone who walked.


07-30-2006, 08:05 PM
Dad gum Tim and Chad.....couldn't you picked a contest that didn't have half the AR Invitiational field in it???

Congrats to all!! Glad to see some Brethren names finishing up in there.....

07-30-2006, 09:17 PM
Noticed a post on a different forum by Byron Chism of Buttrub.com noting that apparently 25% + of the judges were not KCBS certified and the event was not the most organized and should have been for such a big money event.

Any comments from those who were there ?

07-31-2006, 07:58 AM
We had discrepancies of 3 points between judges in 2 categories and 4 points in two categories. How do you go about improving your product with inconsistent scores?

07-31-2006, 01:50 PM
We had discrepancies of 3 points between judges in 2 categories and 4 points in two categories. How do you go about improving your product with inconsistent scores?

Don't change a thing until you cook a contest with at least 75% CBJs. This will give you a better indication of what your current process is like.

On ther other hand, if you cook a contest with mostly celebrity or off the street judges, overcook your ribs and make everything sweet.

So I guess the answer is......find out who's judging.....

07-31-2006, 02:21 PM
On ther other hand, if you cook a contest with mostly celebrity or off the street judges, overcook your ribs and make everything sweet.

So I guess the answer is......find out who's judging.....

Damn it, that's where I went wrong this weekend! I didn't cook "fall off the bone"! Kick's advice is good!

07-31-2006, 02:22 PM
As Tim alluded to, they bit off a big chunk with this first year event.

KCBS contest - 4 meats, 67 teams, etc.

Military team category - not very many but still a seperate "contest"

Alabama team grouping - best of U of AL and Auburn

Backyard - 4 meats, etc.

Sauce: three categories - vinegar, tomoatoe, mustard - 10 to 15 teams entered each

Anything but

People's Choice

Kid's Que

Best site for pro, backyard, military, Alabama, etc.

Now, one problem is that they charged $50 for each and every one of the ancillaries. Payout was low for them but that's a different issue - these multiple intertwined ancillaries cost a lot of time and effort. $50 fee for a $250 ancillary payout is a bit much.

They didn't get the message that teams travelling from out of state and even teams nearby were arriving all evening on Thursday, and of course, Friday. I've never been at an event where I showed up at 7 pm and NOBODY was there to check in with - no representative at all - no radio contact, no phone numbers, etc. They need to work on this - basically, the teams found spots and setup.

The KCBS rep lost complete control of the cook's meeting. Now, it was HOT, and it was spread out without enough chairs, etc. The cooks themselves were rude and talking, visiting, not paying attention (except, of course for Tim and myself!!) Both sides, cooks and reps, need to suck up some blame for that.

Minor screwups that became major - on Saturday evening while the bass was booming from the stage (LOUD was the featured music) -- an electrical guy comes around and asks how long we're staying - we say "all night" and he informs us that all power and water are being terminated at midnight when the band quits. Well, that is NOT what we were told...not even close. So, Tim scared the crap out of the maintenance guy who would take NO responsibility for checking the information and we strolled briskly about 3/4 mile to the MP station and got an escort the the MWR control area - there a dipstick who'd had a long day got his ass on his shoulders when Tim and I stated our case...his comments were along the line of "I don't know what Frank (supervisor) told you but that's not the information I have. We have an RV park here at Ft. Rucker and this isn't it." Now, you have to understand this is the same guy that had come around 4 hours earlier telling ALL the teams how much he appreciated "us" showing up, etc. etc. etc. Well, after he told Tim "I'm just NOT going to discuss this with you any further" we left him with our team name and location.

An hour or so later - after having discussions with two teams near us who were staying and heard the same information we had - another two guys come around asking, for the record, who all was staying over (there were probably 20-25 teams staying) and assuring us that all would be well. The refueler came around and topped off all the generators, etc. The fuel ran out about 7:30 or 8 a.m. but most teams were getting up around then anyway. This goat-rope left a bad taste and my comment Saturday evening was "Well, that just killed any "good will" about this event". Basically, through misunderstanding (on the Army's part) and tired support people they really pissed off a lot of teams...it's fixable but they are going to have to take responsibility. Same with the check in...they just didn't "get it" and it caused a lot of really unneccessary confusion. BBQ teams are not military units - guys are traveling long distances to setup and running off to a banquet at 7pm and leaving the teams hanging is absolutely not satisfactory.

The awards went way too long - with all the categories and even only 1-3 walking and the rest (4-15) just being "called" you add sauce, kids que, backyard, military, AL teams, people's choice, etc. etc. etc. It was tedious. With that many categories and the true need to get everybody recognized, I'm not sure what the fix is there -- the PA system was weak and the teams and spectators were noisy.

Now, all that being said - they did an OK job with a huge first year event. They need more organization in checkin, checkout, and getting info to the teams. They swear they'll fix ice delivery (charged higher fees for less ice than I've ever seen - and the they make their own ice!!) garbage pickup (what garbage pickup? Johnny Trigg put two bags of garbage out on the main drag in front of his site and it sat there all day Friday and Saturday). They need more volunteers and definately need better communications - when the "I'm not going to discuss this..." fiasco was going on he couldn't even call "Frank" because their radios were not working - gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the military can't keep their walky-talky network going. MPs were fine - MWR just dropped the ball.

In spite of this all - it was a decent contest - especially for a first year gig. It was HUGE for an inaugural event. They just got overwhelmed by the number of teams, the requirement for power and water, and the fact that when you host a traveling circus you need to be ready for the early arrivals, late arrivals, and be civil when the teams speak. I'm glad it was Tim and me that got the grief - I did restrain myself and didn't go off...the last ******* that told me he wasn't going to help me, on a military post, wound up with Article 15 for disrespect....the guy was an ******* and I'm pointing out his lack of respect and attitude in my formal critique to MWR.

Now, granted, Tim and I did not distinguish ourselves and it would be easy to go "sour grapes" - but that had no bearing on how pissed we got. We're both retired DoD and military - the few *******s we ran into were an embarrassment to MRW and to Ft. Rucker...I was embarrassed FOR him because he was coming off as a pure-d pant-load. I don't know why I didn't rip his ass - but I'm glad I didn't...it all worked out. I sure wish I'd seen him Sunday morning though - it would have been refreshing to fall back into "master sergeant" mode.

As to any percentage of "non-certified" judges - well, that happens. For a high visability, high dollar contest that's something they definately need to work on. We don't blame the judges at all for our dismal showing - I'd like to, but we just failed to impress them!! It happens.

07-31-2006, 06:49 PM
What Chad said.

I was not going to pile on here, just not right.

But, I had a lot of friends and family visit for the only time since Dave and I started competing. After all, I spent 21 years working on Ft Rucker--my "stomping grounds" :lol:
Even my 84 y/o Dad came out in a wheelchair. Mom is in nursing home or she would have been there also.
First and only time he will see me cook at a comp.

Public attendance was really low.
They were treated shabby.
$12 entry fee went to pay huge band fees, I am sure.
This was supposed to be an event to "support the soldier" and I am sure any profits will go there. But punitive entry fees kept most of them away.
Parking and "on-post" driving directions were not only missing, but the few signs up were misleading. Ft Rucker has enough troops awaiting classes (snowbirds), they could have staffed 200 willing volunteers to direct traffic, help with ice/trash/transportation, but they didn't.
Neighbors paid $5 each for "People's Choice". They had to "vote" based on looking (appearance)--then were allowed to sample them all.
Vendors prices were "up there", based on several reports from friends.
I could go on and on--but......

I personally offered help setting this event up as early as Feb.
Dave and I were the first team entered.
I edited the original entry form, answered a few questions, and then they had all I could offer. I know they went to Mobile and a couple of other big events to observe. I am sure the KCBS Reps helped a lot.
Just "un-informed" mistakes about the habits and nature of teams who do this for a living.

But, they needed a competitor on the planning staff and 99% of the problems would not have happened.

They will learn from this and become a premier event (they have the "resources"), or they will just "go away".

And, life will go on :lol:


07-31-2006, 09:23 PM
Thanks Kapn & Chad for sharing....

There's always next year...

07-31-2006, 09:59 PM
Tim & Dave, it was nice meeting you this weekend. My boys enjoyed the company of your son or maybe nephew, can't remember sorry. I agree with the complaints about this event. I did have a great time though. Hopefully they learn and this will be redeemed next year. Hope to see ya on the road.


07-31-2006, 10:30 PM
WOW! so you guys had a good time ha. Well Tim and Dave let me add this. Nobody knew where in the hell the kids-Q meeting was either. After asking everyone my wife , son ,and nephew got ahold of a volunteer that asked everyone, and finally found it.After the person that was holding the meeting scalded my wife for getting the boys there late for the meeting ( if he would have known my wife he wouldnt have done that ) she fired right back about the unorganized contest and nobody knowing what the hell was going on, he appolagized , and got on a stool to feel tall again. Anyway the money was good and the trophies were kick ass! that helicopter I won will stay in the family long after the plastic ones have broken.And that 25% judges being new that Byron butt rub had posted, I was told by 2 judges on 2 tables that there was one new judge at every table. That score was probably dropped anyway.Maybe those comments Mr._ss rub posted was because his best bud got banned from the base for good for showing his _ss while we were filling out the paper work for our money.

07-31-2006, 10:49 PM
Congrats on your walk Mike. I know that trophy looks good around the house. I think those were the best trophies I have seen.


07-31-2006, 11:08 PM
Hey congrats back to you,all four categorys in the top twenty and then 8th over all, against all those good teams is very respectable. I would take it. well I'll see ya in Dillard.Sorry I didnt come around to visit this weekend, it was to hot, its alot hotter in Al. than it is in south Florida. see ya there Bubba

The woodhouse grill

08-01-2006, 09:10 AM
Congrats to Bubba and Mike and to their sons for walks!!

My post was aimed at the rudeness and general miscommunications...I think they can "fix" the problems...none were insurmountable. You have to understand that as retired military I "understand" the ******* attitude...BUT, you do not come off like that to "civilians" and paying competitors!!! As a retiree I get crap from the high-speed, low-drag active force - I'm use to that - I'm old history, but to treat anyone the way Tim and I were treated (and obviously Mike's wife got the same crap) is unacceptable. That was my main gripe - they need to work HARD on people skills.

The trophies were SWEET!!! I really want to see this event continue. If it does maybe more of the large bases will get involved, too. I'd love to cook at MacDill!!

08-01-2006, 09:35 AM
I suggest that anyone that wants to offer feedback on their experience confer with Chad and/or Tim for a few suggestions:wink: I'd offer a few that would more than likely light a fire under somebodies butt, but this isn't my week to be an instigator. The facts as I understand them, landing on the right desk should be more than sufficient.

08-01-2006, 03:13 PM
Florida Teams did AWSOME!
I am very proud of all my FBA Brothers

"2","Munchee's Smokehouse","670.8574"
"3","The Woodhouse Grill","670.2858"
"6","Bill and the Dixie Chick","656.5714"
"16","Smoke & Spice","644.5712"
"17","Swamp Boys BBQ","642.2852"

08-03-2006, 08:15 AM
I agree with Smokin Cracker. FBA regulars were impressive. I'm originally from Chipley (FL panhandle), so I feel pride when those guys do good in KCBS comps. Congrats to all of them and to Bubba, too.

I helped with a team in Mobile this year, but besides that this was my first KCBS comp turning in all my recipes. Like I said earlier, my scores were all over the place, but most of the strangely low scores got dropped.

I guess the reason I feel disoriented after this comp is that I turned in what was certainly a bad chicken entry and at best a mediocre rib entry in the FBA comp in Dothan in June and we placed 15th overall. We improved the chicken some, but the ribs were much better. We didn't change pork or brisket (11th and 12th in Dothan) and we went WAY backwards in the overall standings.

IMO, this was due to two main factors. The overall competition level was quite a bit higher and the judging was somewhat inconsistent.

Judging from some of the comments above, this is to be expected, but I guess I just didn't realize it until after the fact. I'm not changing anything until after the next comp unless I just feel I have a better product doing something different.