View Full Version : Double R Ranch steaks and roast deal this weekend

04-04-2014, 02:31 PM
Hey all - heads-up that the Double R Ranch is featured on Blackboard Eats starting today through this weekend (http://www.blackboardeats.com/). If you go there and sign up, you'll get a code for 30% off anything at Double R, and since there's already free shipping on everything, it's a great deal.

My recommendations right now:

The Cowboy Chop: http://www.thedoublerranch.com/concho-collection/cowboy-chop/ . This is a 2 lb. bone-in ribeye that is Prime. I had this last week at home, and it was spectacular.

The big collections of items here http://www.thedoublerranch.com/collections/beef-lovers-bliss/ are killer deals. This is all Choice grade (actually, top 1/3 of choice), and in these bundles the cost-per really goes down.

Our inventory is pretty low, but Cap of Ribeye is probably the best piece of meat on the animal, we have a few left here: http://www.thedoublerranch.com/concho-collection/cap-of-ribeye/

Let me know if you have any questions!