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06-02-2006, 06:19 PM
June 23-24, 2006 Smokin In The Wiregrass Tri-State Barbecue Festival & Concert Dothan, AL (FBA)

Well, I am cookin' this one!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I judged Quincy, FL a while back--my wife was there, met some more BBQ folks, and saw how much I enjoyed it.
We got home and she said--out of the blue--"you need to cook badly, just go do Dothan. I will pay the bills"! Gotta love that woman :lol:
We have not competed since Feb, so I never looked back from that blank check.

The Dothan event is 31.239721 miles from my house!
Dave is committed to a Washington DC family trip.
But, he is on my "speed dial" :lol: Figure to use it a lot!

So--me, the StudeDera, and the WSM are gonna make the trip alone :lol:
Wish I had Ferris (Dave's KingFisher), but "back to basics" here. Would take 1200 miles of driving to pick Ferris up and return her :twisted:

Thought about using a new team name, but figure I am not gonna embarrass the Southern Brethren too bad. "Southern Brother" was considered for a bit :lol:
I will have some family volunteer help for cleanup and that is the biggie! :lol:

I have no aspirations of greatness--Kevin (HomeBBQ) will be there and that blocks off 5 of the 22 "walks" available. If Jimmy, Rub, Mark, and Mike show up--gonna be a "just for fun" event for me :redface:

With "low expectations", I feel a bit free to experiment some. Have a radical idea for chickie white meat cooking and presentation and some other variations I may try under "combat BBQ" conditions.
Couple of test cooks scheduled next week!

Gonna be fun if nothing else.

And, I just gotta cook and compete !!!!!!!!
Going crazy!!!!


06-02-2006, 08:45 PM
Good Luck Kapn.... I'm sure you'll do great and serve the Southern Brethren team name well as usual.... That will be the same two days as the bash in NY so be sure to keep a cell phone handy and provide an update or two as the contest unfolds...

If you went with a new name for the show, call it your planned style "Combat BBQ" !!!

06-12-2006, 08:15 AM
Any brethren going to be at this one (June 23 & 24)?

Florida Farmer
06-15-2006, 07:55 AM
I hear that HoochieQue BBQ is gonna be there squalling. :cry:

06-16-2006, 06:44 AM
Sorry if I missed it Kap'n, but what's your team name? I'll come by and speak Friday. I'll be there early. I live about 3 hrs. away, but I plan on staying at my folks house in Chipley the night before. On another note, they have had a greater response than anticipated (42 pro teams and 20 or so BY) and they need judges for this FBA event. They are offering a judging school starting at 6:30 Fri. evening to help with this if anyone's interested.

Pork Avenue BBQ
06-16-2006, 07:57 AM
Tim,Forrest and Greg, looking forward to having you in Dothan. The reason we need more Judges is because the # of Teams has exceded our expectations for a first year contest and now we are playing catch up to get enough Judges at the last minute. We will have a Judging class on Friday night the 23rd of June and the contest is Saturday the 24th. There has got to be some of you within driving distance that could make the trip and Judge and get to eat some Great BBQ.


06-16-2006, 08:53 AM
Hoochie--"Southern Brethren" is the team name.
No banners or anything--lurk mode this time :lol:

This is a big inaugural event and shows the need (I hope) for more events in the local area.


Florida Farmer
06-16-2006, 11:22 AM
Walt...Will the "prospective" judges that attend the judges school on Friday be eligible to judge on Saturday?

06-16-2006, 12:01 PM
Walt...Will the "prospective" judges that attend the judges school on Friday be eligible to judge on Saturday?

Yes! That's always the case - especially when FBA is scrambling for judges. It's a good deal since there are a lot of FBA contests around and they are trying to get more up in the panhandle.

The FBA and KCBS rules are very very similar (garnish is the one major difference) and so if you should get a chance to take a KCBS class you'd feel quite comfortable.

Pork Avenue BBQ
06-16-2006, 12:34 PM
Ditto to what Dave said. Its not that the FBA does not have enough Judges that are certified. Its a combination of that most of them are a long distance from us and the fact that the Dothan contest has far exceded the number of teams that anybody expected and a good portion of the teams signed up after June 1st which puts us in a crunch getting more Judges at the last minute.
Pork Avenue BBQ Team

Florida Farmer
06-16-2006, 01:24 PM
Yeah, I know what your'e saying....The reason I asked is cause I have a couple of people that I was going to encourage to take the class. I didn't know if they'd be eligible to judge the next day or not or have to wait for another contest. These folks are local so if they'll do it it'd be good for the Dothan contest and also the one in Pnanma City in March. With you doing such a good job in putting this thing together and getting it going there's liable to be more FBA events spring up in the panhandle, that'd be good I think.

You said that there's been more entries come in after June 1st...I'm sure that they want as many entries as possible and all but wasn't June 1 the deadline for entry?

06-16-2006, 01:50 PM
You said that there's been more entries come in after June 1st...I'm sure that they want as many entries as possible and all but wasn't June 1 the deadline for entry?

As a general rule, if they aren't maxed out almost all contests allow entry right up until it starts. Some teams are notoriously slow at registering...a four week cutoff wouldn't be realistic. Some do charge higher fees the closer the date is and earlier registration will sometimes allow for better site placement.

Florida Farmer
06-16-2006, 02:16 PM
I understand...I have seen late entry fees or a higher fee after the deadline for some contests. I assumed that if there wasn't a late entry fee advertised the deadline meant no more entries. I tend to get messed up or in trouble with my assumptions sometimes.:icon_blush:

Pork Avenue BBQ
06-16-2006, 02:40 PM
Forrest June first was the deadline for the cheaper entry fee after that it went up so we were surprised that so many came in after that. Yes if they take the coarse Friday they can Judge Saturday

Florida Farmer
06-16-2006, 03:11 PM
Thanks Walt...I'll pass that on.

I'm figuring on being up there Thursday evening if you need me for anything and Friday morning to set up and help out. I'll probably be talking to you some between now and then.

06-16-2006, 09:38 PM
Hoochie--"Southern Brethren" is the team name.
No banners or anything--lurk mode this time :lol:

This is a big inaugural event and shows the need (I hope) for more events in the local area.


Duh. I reread your post but never looked at your signature for your team name. Looking forward to meeting you there, Ted. I should be there Fri. morning, so if you need a hand setting up, come find me. I may need a hand as well since my partner won't be coming in until late Fri. evening.

06-25-2006, 09:27 AM
Survived :lol:
11:30 PM Fri--storms--50+ winds. Trying to tear up all my chit! :twisted:
I had to back the van hitch under the RV awning and use a tie down strap to keep the awning in the same county :twisted:
2:20 PM Sat--storms--howling winds--driving rain. Everything I took is soaked and a mess. Gonna take a week to find, clean, and dry all my chit :twisted:
Otherwize--hotter than Hades :twisted: Summer in the South.

Chicken and Ribs sucked. Judges and Reps were kind not to DQ.:lol:
We were not "called" for chicken (no surprise)--but official results (from FBA website) show us 6th. Have no idea what is up there!
We have been walking (well) in Brisket. Ours was a good as any I have ever judged, cooked, or eaten. Taste that brisket and you don't need Viagra :lol: Judges did not agree--12th--oh well.

I had my 15 y/o (+11.75 months he will tell you :lol: ) nephew from Austin along for help and he was great!
Could not have survived without him.
But, cooking alone sucks :twisted:
Just me.
I am just used to having two cooks to share decisions and make sure they happen. Like it that way.
Also, competing on a Dera and a WSM kinda sucks. I miss Dave's KingFisher :twisted:

Outstanding event, and I won't even add "for an inagural"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some kinks to work out for next year, but this is a keeper.
Great job by Walt and all the other admin folks.

As allways, congrats to Kevin & Clara (HomeBBQ), Mike (Woodhouse) and Mark (Smoke and Spice).
Y'all are the class of the field in the SE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta go unpack!
Gotta go nap!


June 23-24, Tri-State BBQ Festival - Dothan, AL
37 Teams--FBA
Reps - Chuck Ray, Ida Isaacs, Donna Ray

Grand Champion - Smoke & Spice - 762.26663
Reserve - Woodhouse Grill - 743.21666

3rd - HomeBBQ.com - 739.29999
4th - The Dixie Boys - 728.21668
5th - DW's Kountry Cookers - 727.56668
6th - Autreyville BBQ Crew - 727.24999
7th - Bubba-Que - 723.19999
8th - Saltine and Beanbag - 722.76667
9th - Big Pig Inc. - 722.20000
10th - Swamp Boys - 720.71666

Origonal results were posted wrong on FBA site.
See below for Chicken.

1st - Smoke & Spice
2nd - DW's Kountry Cookers
3rd - Woodhouse Grill
4th - Big Pig Inc.
5th - Big Kahuna BBQ
6th - Smokehouse BBQ
7th - HomeBBQ.com
8th - Autreyville BBQ Crew
9th - Q 4 U
10th - Forrest's Fine Foods

1st - HomeBBQ.com
2nd - Smoke & Spice
3rd - Flyin Pig BBQ
4th - Woodhouse Grill
5th - Southern Brethren
6th - The Dixie Boys
7th - Forrest's Fine Foods
8th - Salt & Pepper
9th - Pork Pi BBQ
10th - Q 4 U

1st - Big Daddy Q
2nd - Smoke & Spice
3rd - The Smokin Hole
4th - Bubba Que
5th - Woodhouse Grill
6th - The Dixie Boys
7th - Big Green Eggs & Ham
8th - HomeBBQ.com
9th - Big Kahuna BBQ
10th - DW's Kountry Cookers

06-25-2006, 11:01 AM
Apparently, the Chicken scores were really 21 thru ....
When results were faxed to Ricky (FBA), the second digit only was shown.
I was 26th of 37, which is still a gracious score for my rubber Chickie!

I will edit original post when real scores are posted and clean this all up.


Pork Avenue BBQ
06-25-2006, 11:03 AM
Tim , the chicken scores were posted wrong on the Fba website because the copy or fax machine cut-off the numbers on the left side of the page. It shows 21st through 3oth instead of 1st through 10th. I called Chuck and he is calling Ricky to get it fixed.
It was great to get to meet you and hope we will see each other at events in the Future

06-25-2006, 01:14 PM
Corrected Chikie scores just for historical accuracy.
More like it.

1st - Autreyville BBQ Crew
2nd - Big Pig Inc.
3rd - Pork Pi BBQ
4th - Smoke & Spice
5th - Sara B's Barbecue
6th - Saltine & Beanbag
7th - Swamp Boys
8th - Glorybound
9th - Big Green Eggs & Ham
10th - Big Daddy Q


06-25-2006, 03:14 PM
Man, I wish I coulda been there. If I could've gotten someone to switch oncall this weekend with me I would've offered. I could've at least helped wash dishes for ya while you took a short nap.

06-25-2006, 04:08 PM
Congrats, Tim! You did a fine job on equipment you weren't used to using a contests and cooking by yourself! I've yet to cook totally by myself although due to kids' soccer cancellation, my wife showed up at one this year right before chicken turn-in. She saved my arse!

06-26-2006, 07:53 AM
Team HoocheeQue had a great time. Congrats to Walt for a well run show.:mrgreen: Dealing with the heat and storms made it interesting - thank goodness the storms weren't during the busy times. Tim, we placed 32nd in chicken, just to make you feel a little better. My skin was a mixture between rubber and leather, but I thought it tasted good. We were mid-pack in ribs (24th) - overcooked and dry. Placed better in pork (12th) and brisket (11th) and 15th overall. I was okay with our results, but there's always something to fix, ain't there? See ya in Ft. Rucker guys.:-D

06-26-2006, 02:50 PM
sounds like it was a fun one!
good job bro's
Good Job to my friends Mark & Ingrid & Mike
see you soon


06-26-2006, 06:58 PM
good job on your two walks Tim, sorry I didnt get around to talk to anyone I had my honey and our three kids also the neighbors kid. we pulled in late and I had alot of prep to do, and I had to come up with a new cooking schedule for the new smoker I brought.It worked out great the ribs, pork,and brisket was top's the chicken I cooked on my other smoker was ok to well glad you got to make the trip.

The Woodhouse grill

06-26-2006, 07:25 PM
great job Tim your helper did a fine job for you and you thought you were alone. good job. from your friends in south dakota.