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03-17-2014, 12:26 PM
Thinking about jumping into the catering ring. What kind of insurance should I ask for when I contact an agent? Anything they might recommend, that I don't really need?

03-17-2014, 09:13 PM
I have 1mil/2mil liability coverage that is general coverage for the business and also coverage for my truck and mobile trailer, along with coverage for other people who may be helping me with their vehicles say they were pulling my smoker for me and had an accident then my coverage will pick up anything for their truck. I also have a separate workers comp policy.

03-18-2014, 05:25 AM
I recently called the company listed in the Bull Sheet and it seems as though they are lost when it comes to coverage. I am looking for the same, vending, catering , equipment for my trailer. Has anybody used Progressive?

03-18-2014, 05:50 PM
Progressive is one of the more expensive ones, I'd steer clear. In some states, the big names (Nationwide, State Farm, etc) don't have any business coverage. Smaller companies have the same coverage and can be reasonable. Lots of phone calls is what it takes. Google concession insurance and you'll find more options as well.

03-18-2014, 08:25 PM
I have everything with Nationwide except workers comp and it's through The Hartford.

03-22-2014, 03:48 PM
I am a Farmers Ins agent in PA. I have a policy that covers liability and the event. I have a $1 mil/ $2mil policy. The policy is a food vendor/catering policy. If you cannot find a local company which is tough sometimes call a company called USLI. I believe that they are a national company. My policy costs $425/yr.

03-24-2014, 10:36 AM
General liability insurance is pretty cheap. I think mine is less than $450yr.

Commercial auto is another story.