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02-12-2014, 01:33 PM
Clifco Spice Sales custom manufactures seasoning, Most custom manufacturers have a minimum of 500 LB. We have a minimum of 25 lb on most products some blends will need to be 50 LB depending on the ingredients. We custom make labels with your logo, your name, phone, website and address. Our name is not required on your custom label. If you have a formula of your own we will sign a confidentiality agreement stating by law we can not sell your product to anyone but you, or your company. We also will sell any of our products to you with a custom label the minimum on our products is 1 case = 12 bottles. Here are a few custom labels from some of our customers.

02-12-2014, 01:39 PM
Mmmm...Chasin' Tail! That is some good grub over here in my neck of the woods!

02-12-2014, 03:10 PM
Here is our confidentiality agreement we will email you to sign If you have a formula of your own.

"We understand that you will be submitting to Clifco a certain information, regarding your formulas, recipes, specifications, and/or processing information, or other data (collectively the "Information") for evaluation by Clifco and development of commercial formulas for custom mixes to be furnished to you. It is understood that you possess all rights to this information and accordingly that you consider the information to be confidential. Such information should be submitted in writing to Clifco to the extent possible.
Clifco can assure you that it will use every effort to hold in strict confidence the information submitted by you. This assurance, of course, cannot apply to information which at the time of submission to us is in the public domain: information which after submission to us is information which was already in the possession of Clifco at the time of your submission: or information which may be received by us after the time of your submission from a third party who did not acquire it from you under an obligation of confidence.
Clifco will use the information submitted by you and which it is holding in confidence only for purposes of producing and supplying you with commercial mixes. Many formulas and other data in Clifco’s files are reserved for the exclusive use of specific customers.
Maintaining the confidentiality of customers information is an important aspect of our business and one which we intend to do everything possible to maintain."

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Mmmm...Chasin' Tail! That is some good grub over here in my neck of the woods!

Yes Sir they are good people.

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If anyone has any questions please fill free to call, email, pm me, or catch me on Skype if I'm on.