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Rusty Kettle
02-05-2014, 01:42 AM
I am looking to get a list of things I should bring to a competition. I mean the bare essentials for competing. No extras at all. I finally got the wife straightened out on cooking bbq. She is even getting smoke rings that are really defined. Not that smoke rings really count for anything other than pride and bragging but from nasty salty chicken that needed more chicken to amazing pork butt smoked to slicing perfection. I am proud of my wife and well now it is time for baptism by fire for her and for me. As long as everything goes well we plan to enter the Go Naked BBQ show Ironman competition in April. We are going to try our best to win but would be happy with a middle of the pack finish. I get paid friday and will be mailing out the check on Saturday to get our spot. We are going to be smoking meat completely on Weber Kettle grills which is nuts I know but with the limits on 1 piece of meat except chicken it makes it much easier to cook for. I just love kettle grills and I know them best and I have all sort of methods for running my kettles. Let me know what we need bare essentials. I think I already have a pretty good idea but I really want a check list to look at just for comparison and to make sure I am not forgetting anything. Hopefully can run practice runs on brisket and ribs with the wife this weekend. Against probably sound advice we are going to be running my dry rub and my bbq sauce recipes that I developed my flavor profile with. As the contest is a little bit cheaper to enter I just want to throw caution to the wind and see how they do. Everyone says a sweet sauce and sweet rub will produce a winner and well my sauce is so sweet it can not be applied until after the meat comes off the smoker/grill it burns very fast but tastes amazing and I have gotten positive comments from co-workers, friends, and family. I just want to see how they do in a competition. I think though it is sweet but it compliments the meat at the same time and enhances it. :blah::blah::blah: Anyways thanks for your advice.

02-05-2014, 02:39 AM
Here is a link to a list and some general info on comp bby by the Killer Hogs: http://howtobbqright.com/competitionbbq.html

I started with this list and struck things off and added other things as well. My general rule (great idea from Wampus) is that if I don't use something at two competitions in a row it gets left at home on the next trip. I've drastically pared down what I take and can now set up in around thirty or so minutes by myself.

02-05-2014, 03:57 AM
Last I looked at Diva Q's site she had a nice contest prep list and more!!

02-05-2014, 06:02 AM
wasnt it just a week ago that you thought her cooking was horrendous?

02-05-2014, 06:55 AM
wasnt it just a week ago that you thought her cooking was horrendous?

Nope. I've never even tasted her food. Think you got me confused with another member.

02-05-2014, 07:26 AM
A couple of good links have been posted for packing lists. I'd be glad to email you ours; however it's got a lot of stuff on it you likely wouldn't need. We all have techniques that require different items. If you are prepping for Go Naked, the good news is you don't need much! Sounds to me like whether or not you are completely happy with you wife's bbq, you have been practicing and that's an important first step. As far as using your own rubs and sauces, there's nothing wrong with that either if you have the time to develop them. We are a husband and wife team and I think your key to success, assuming your food is good, will be teamwork. We each have strengths and weaknesses. If she tastes something and says it's too sweet, I won't hesitate to add some finishing salt. If I tell her the brisket is at temp, but I don't feel like it's ready to come off, she won't question me. It's all a matter of balancing what we both know well.

We will be at Go Naked and welcome you to swing by and say hi, feel free to pick our brains if you'd like. We are very open with what we do when it comes to new teams as many experienced teams did the same for us when we first started out.

Good luck!

02-05-2014, 07:40 AM
Easiest way to know everything you'll need while at a comp...make a practice run at the house, keep a running list of everything you bring out from the house...instant check list. I bring way more than I need, but as long as I stay organized (bins, plastic drawer cabinet, etc.) there's no clutter. I go by the rule, I would rather have it and not use it, than need it and it not be there.

02-05-2014, 07:55 AM
Nope. I've never even tasted her food. Think you got me confused with another member.

He means the OP. I thought the same thing... Mrs. Rusty Kettle must have done a lot of practicing between then and now!

As far as a list goes, I agree with bruno994 - practice at home and make a list of everything you use. That's how I got my list. If you plan on doing dishes there, you don't need 5 cutting boards, but I take 5 because I can switch from one to the other in a hurry. Or, go disposable. You can never have enough pairs of tongs, too. My first comp, I forgot dishsoap, and a neighbor was nice enough to bum me some. Practice, make a list, and pack it in an organized way so you can set up and break down quickly.

02-05-2014, 08:01 AM
Send me a PM and we'll share out list with you.

02-05-2014, 09:17 AM
Last I looked at Diva Q's site she had a nice contest prep list and more!!

Rusty Kettle
02-05-2014, 10:10 AM
wasnt it just a week ago that you thought her cooking was horrendous?

It was yeah but she got better a lot better since she listened to me instead of ignoring me plus getting her to read all my books that are about basics helped drastically. It is like night and day. Rule is she has to make something every day. She can cook really well in the kitchen just making her realize she needs to not be thinking it is mystical and heavy salt is not a dry rub. Prep is everything it really can make or break you. I think she may have been trying to do bad cause she doesn't want to cook with fire but she did an insane 180. Plus we abandoned her developing a flavor profile the sauce she made works but we are using my dry rub and sauce. I don't really get how she went from bad to good but I think once she treated like prep in a kitchen instead of totally trying to re-invent the wheel it is better.

02-05-2014, 10:30 AM
Ditto on the Killer Hogs list. I used it my first time out. Covers all the basics and more.

02-05-2014, 10:38 AM
Well, if the contest isn't until April, you still have plenty more time to work on your timeline, hone your flavor profiles, and create your packing list. Hope you do well and, above all, have fun! My wife helps build boxes. She is also good at chatting with the "looky loos" that invariably want to come by and ask questions. Good luck!