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05-29-2006, 09:43 AM
I donít usually post in the Comp. Forum, unless itís congrats to someone, but in this case I think this is where this post belongs.

Well Hot Damn, Iím impressed, and may I say proud that South Carolina is finally getting on the Q competition bandwagon by forming a BBQ Association. The newly formed (well, not exactly new, itís going into itís second year, I think.) the SCBA. is new to me anyway.
For the past few months Iíve been hearing tidbits about it, and saying, HUH?? When did we get that??
Although Q is certainly not new in S.C. the Association is. They are offering judging classes, which I plan to attend (missed the current round).
I look forward to see what the SCBA. can do to further the cause of competition Q in my State.
Incase you want to take a look, Iíve added the link below.
I also noticed, when browsing the site, that Spice is doing a little advertising there. Thank you Sir. I hope it brings you business for your fine pits.

http://www.scbarbeque.com/index.html (http://www.scbarbeque.com/index.html)