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Hogtie N' Ride
12-12-2013, 07:41 PM
www.4amoores.com (http://www.4amoores.com)
KCBS Sanctioned, State Championship BBQ Competition
A Non-Commercialized Event For Pros and Rookies Alike
June 6 & 7, 2014 - Wilderness Campground, Montello, WI
* State Championship
* Qualifier for Jack Daniels and American Royal
* $75 in Prize Money. Prize money to 5th Place
* 100% KCBS Certified Judges
* Awards to 10th Place
* Water & Power to All Sites
* Showers Available
Thank you to all that made this event a great success in 2013 (39 Teams), 2012 (45 Teams), 2011(41 Teams) and 2010 (23 Teams)! Cooks, Judges, Wilderness, KCBS, Thanks!
The purpose of the event is to promote Competition BBQ as a clean safe family sport. This is a break-even event not being used to raise funds for anything. The fees are to cover sanctioning, supplies, and the token prize money of $75 and nothing else. It is all about the Que and having an exceptional weekend with your BBQ Family.
It is our hope to get new teams to this competition and match them up with experienced teams that have many comps under their belt. If you have always wanted to take your BBQ cooking to the next level, then this is a great first competition. It is a Qualifier for the national competitions, but affordable to enter and learn how to compete.
Wilderness Campground is a family oriented grounds. Lots to do for the family and just a great place to spend a weekend. The sites all have water and power.
* Campground Website: www.wildernesscampground.com (http://www.wildernesscampground.com/)
(Please do NOT call Wilderness Campground to make reservations if you are competing. Anita has reserved an area of campsites that will be used for cooking teams and will not match the campsite map. )
The entry fee is $85 total which includes the camping fee for Friday night. Thus Poor Que. You can stay additional nights for the additional $30 per night.
We look forward to seeing all of you!
Anita and Tony

12-13-2013, 12:44 AM
Turn me loose