View Full Version : BEWARE! Owen Smith restaurant scam

12-09-2013, 04:04 PM
I was contacted today by an alleged scam artist and I wanted to warn other barbecue caterers/restaurants since he is hitting places all over the country.

I received a text message and email simultaneously from Owen Smith requesting a quote for 200 boxed lunches for his son's wedding on December 21st. I thought it was strange to serve boxed lunches at a wedding and also very short notice for a wedding, but I wrote him a quote anyways. He responded so quickly to my quote that he could not have possibly read it. He wanted to pay immediately so I asked him to call me.

In the few minutes that I waited for his call, I googled his number and found an article describing the scam. Sure enough, I got a call from a hearing impaired relay system and challenged him to explain why his phone number was in an article about a scam. He said his phone had been stolen.

Article about restaurant scammer:

I'm a DC area caterer and another barbecue caterer in St. Louis was copied on the initial email from Owen. I called her and she said she got the same request and thanked me for warning her about the scam.

Now I'm warning you fine brethren... don't get caught in this scam!

12-09-2013, 06:00 PM
We get things like this all the time at my store (not in the BBQ industry), and it is always a scam. It's too bad, because these services exist to help deaf people make phone calls, but I've never heard one used to not try to scam me.

Usually they want to charge the card, and they also want to charge a little extra for the guy picking up the product. It's a shipping company in my line of work. They say they need to pay the shipping agent to ship the items, so they ask if you can charge their card and give that company the money. The card goes through and gets processed at first, and after they have your product and this extra money, then it gets charged back, and you're hosed.

Glad you didn't fall for it.