View Full Version : Who's in? -- Okie Joe's cookoff (May 19-20)

05-01-2006, 08:34 AM
I know alot of guys are cooking the GAB - anyone going to cook in the Oklahoma Joe's contest the weekend prior to the GAB?

05-01-2006, 05:16 PM
Sorry Bro!! We got the Shrine Club that weekend. Gotta go hand Kick his arse :twisted:


05-01-2006, 07:16 PM
I thought about the Shrine Club contest myself but I'm glad I chose not to... right now, Team Q has it goin' on! I don't want any part of those boys!

05-01-2006, 09:07 PM
Sorry Bro!! We got the Shrine Club that weekend. Gotta go hand Kick his arse :twisted:

Spice Sounds like a good plan to me.... you hand Kick his arse!!! You are well on your way.

I'll be looking for redemption at the Okie Joe's weekend :twisted:

Got the "rough" weekend out of my system early. I want to collect a few more checks. :wink:

Jeff- the GAB folks are actually helping folks store cookers, etc. between the Okie joe and thier contest.... you ought to come out. If you don't cook, come hang out. I'm still bummed I have two weddings the weekend of GAB. That was a blast.... But I'll be out on Friday night, since it is in my backyard. Luckily MoKans will hopefully have thier DJ back.... so Bob won't be able to outsing the amp/speakers. (of course last year, the Capt. got ahold of the mic.... AAAARRRRRGGG!)

05-01-2006, 09:40 PM
I may come out and hang with ya at Oklahoma Joe's if time permits. We've got a HUGE mess to clean up from the weather at Warsaw with our equipment plus I'm going to re-think this gear situation... I'm tired of taking farking two plus hours to break down to go home! I think I can off load about half of the chit I take that has YET to even come out of the storage boxes at contests! We're going to totally re-organize, re-pack and pare down before GAB. That'll take this entire month!

05-02-2006, 07:49 AM
That is a good plan.... We try to pare down after every contest a little. I'm basically down to that one black wheeled bin for spices and a small bin for tools. (Granted, I have alot of stuff that "stays" in the RV -- but I can take my BBQ game with me in basically two boxes these days. :o)