View Full Version : Would you like to D.I.Y. a Komado/Ceramic Smoker at $150 to $200

10-25-2013, 10:52 AM
This is the fire pot I can supply you. It is just a clone of Kamado fire pot but made from stainless steel. I add a grease fire prevent umbrella.
price is $100

This shows you how the fire pot works inside a UDS or kamado

I can supply you grill grate(grid), made from stainless steel. Please look it in above picture. Diameter 18.5" price US$30, Diameter 22.5" US$40. Each grate comes with 3 sets of bolt/nut

10 CFM Fan, fan adapter, and voltage adjustable AC/DC adapter. You can manually tune speed of the fan.
price $20

You can buy an electrical drill from eBay, price shall be $10
You can also buy diamond drill bit from eBay, price of a set of 10 pieces of $10.
You can buy a Ceramic Flower pot, drill hole of 1" at bottom, You can insert my air pipe through this hole.
You can drill 3 holes of 10 mm, and you can insert bolt/nut to these holes to support the grill grate.
You can even add 2 or 3 level of grill grates.
or I can add 2" leg (support) on each grill grate, you can put one above the other. This way you can have many grates. You can use it to make beef jerky or use it as dehydrator.
You can buy also thermometer from eBay @$5

Now, what is your suggestion