View Full Version : Visiting a MIM (or MBA) event

04-09-2006, 07:15 PM
Little Ole Marianna has an annual MIM event--3rd year completed this weekend.
I went over Sat AM and said HI to Myron Mixon and David of Jack's Old South. Came back in the PM and was allowed to "Hang" for a few hours. Tried not to get in the way :redface: Hope I was successful.

They had finished Top 3 in Shoulder and Ribs with the "on-site" shoulder judging completed--ribs still to go. What a show!!!! Four judges got treated to Myron's world class ribs and never ending banter. Too KEWL :lol:

At awards, Myron took First in People's Choice (shoulder I think), 5th in Whole Hog, 1st in Shoulder, and First in Ribs. And--"Drum Roll Please"--Grand Champion.
I complimented them on leaving Whole Hog for someone else--true gentlemen they are :lol:
Every time I think I have eaten the best Ribs, Pork, Brisket, or whatever--I get a new surprise. Those ribs and pork set a whole new standard for taste and texture!!!!!!!

David and I long ago determined MIM was not for us. After seeing the on-site portion, I still feel that way. I saw a 5 gal can of perfectly good, beautiful, and colorful fruits and veggies discarded. They were used to decorate (garnish?) the cooker for the on-site portion. Lots of excess meat cooked with only a small portion used for judging (especially whole hog). And finally, I am not interested in toting along nice serving dishes, tablecloths, nice seating, and site "decor" items.
Heck, we have trouble toting the basic supplies for cooking :redface: :redface:

My final observation.
This was the first year that they had a "backyard" division. Ribs only--blind judging only. $25 to enter, paying $250 for 1st. I thought about entering, but then my little "moral compass" said it was not fair to real backyarders for a person who has actually won "brass and cash" in ribs to enter an amateur contest. Not that I am any expert, but....??? I have in fact competed and won, so it just seemed "Wrong". And, yes I know those events were KCBS and FBA and that I would have been "legal".
Just did not "feel right". Just me.
So, they announce the BackYard GC. Announcer was "proud" that the winner had competed in the Pro Div the last 2 years, but was unable to this year due to....". He was glad that the winner had been able to participate on a reduced scale.
If I had been a real backyarder, I would have been @!)$&@, to say the least :twisted:

Guys--I am not criticizing MIM (MBA) here.
Just observing that what you see on Food TV is pretty much the way it is. It is simply not for me (or the Southern Brethren) :lol:
For those who enjoy that type of competing it is obviously fun and challenging to get it all together.
My hat is off to them!

And thanks to Jack's Old South for the hospitality, tolerance, and patience.