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Swine Spectator
09-04-2013, 09:32 PM
I am cooking in a unsanctioned charity event in a few weeks. One of the categories is whole chicken. The box must contain a half chicken cut into four pieces. Leg and thigh are obvious, but should I debone the breast and cut it in half, or should I include wing? Is there some other configuration I should be thinking of?

Help, please....

The Swine Spectator

09-05-2013, 01:11 AM
Unsanctioned events are infamous for playing loosey-goosey with rules.

Unless it is expressly forbidden, I would put the entire chicken in the box with a nine piece cut: 2 wings, 2 drums, 2 thighs, 2 breasts + wishbone. Fill the box with meat and give the judges choices and you maximize your chances IMO.

09-05-2013, 10:58 AM
You need to check with the organizer. My definition of a half chicken is wing, breast, thigh and drumstick.

I'd ask if it must be cooked whole or can it be pieced out and cooked. Is cooking half or quarters legal?

Hawg Father of Seoul
09-05-2013, 12:13 PM
I would half the breast and leave the wing attached. You can see where I am going with that.

I might even consider thirds and leaving the leg quarter together.

Hawg Father of Seoul
09-05-2013, 12:17 PM
Might do a cornish split into 4.....

Swine Spectator
09-06-2013, 10:34 PM
Thanks all. The rules say that it must be cooked whole and the box must contain a half cut into at least four.

09-06-2013, 10:45 PM
Very unusual rule but do what they tell ya and you wont have no problems.