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09-04-2013, 09:39 AM
My father and I have a family get together every summer. We have one of my dads coworkers smoke us some meat for the party. This year, my father and I were cleaning up after the party and started discussing the possibility of making our own smoker. I decided to roll with it. We wanted to make a trailer mounted RF so I started doing some research and stumbled upon this forum. After reading and learning a lot, I started a search for a 250 gallon propane tank to start the build. After two + weeks, I was not having any luck locating one. So, back to the Brethren I went. I started reading a lot about UDS and read through the entire ultimate UDS thread. :wacko: I found a food grade 55 gallon drum with removable lid for $8 and had a friend sandblast it inside and out for $20! Gathered all of the required parts and completed the build, including paint, this past Saturday. I seasoned it Sunday and did my first cook on Labor Day which consisted of two whole yard birds (spatchcocked), and some smoked baked potatoes. Unfortunately, I had a head cold and was unable to enjoy the smell of the birds smoking and the taste. Everyone said it was awesome and I received several request for future cooks.

I must say that this site has opened up a new way of outdoor cooking for me and my father, which we both enjoy!

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome from CA, A lot of good stuff in that thread.

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welcome, a lot to learn here for sure

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Greetings from North Texas.

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Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the party!