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04-05-2006, 06:59 PM
50 miles from my home.
$50K purse--$15K GC--paying 15 deep in each meat.
Southern Brethren are in.
However, with 100 teams expected, there is no way they are gonna get CBJs to cover it.
Real crapshoot!
Gotta think some more, maybe!



04-09-2006, 07:41 PM
Feel like I may be talking to myself here.
Nothing new.

In case y'all missed it--this will be one of the biggest paydays of 2006 for BBQ. (I did not say the biggest--just HUGE!).

From the site: (Red shading by me)
The Championship Division of the Above the Best BBQ Cookoff promises to bring teams from across the United States, as the payout for the Championship alone is $38,750. Additional categories available raise the purse to $45,450. (Total Prize Money for the Festival is more than $50,000, with payouts for the Backyard, Tailgate and Military Grillin’ categories being considered.)

Payouts include $12,000 for the Grand Champion, $5,000 for the Reserve Grand Champion and $2,500 for the Second Overall Champion. Winners in the major categories will receive $1,500, with second place receiving $1,000. Third through fifth places will be paid, from $750 to $250 respectively. Sixth through tenth places receive $100 and eleventh through fifteenth will receive $50. The overall Best Decorated site will receive $250. The team that travels the furthest distance will receive the Road Warriors Team Award of $250.

Additional competitions open to all include Anything But… where the main categories are excluded, but the options are left to the Team’s wildest ideas and choices. Prize money totals $850. Peanut Pizzazz – a tribute to the Peanut Industry throughout the Wiregrass and southeast Alabama – offers Teams the chance to be creative using Peanuts in the recipe and presentation, and will have prize money totaling $1,750. The Sauce Competition – with categories of Tomato, Vinegar and Mustard – pays $500 to the winner in each category. The Dessert competition will have prize money totaling $850. Finally, the People’s Choice competition will have prize money totaling $1,750.
Heck, the 3rd place overall pays more than many Grands! 1st place in each meat exceeds many GC payouts. And even the 5th place in each meat is about the 1st place meat payout in many events.

I really hope the national response is a poor as the response here :lol:
They are gearing up for 100 teams, but I really doubt they will get a full field with all that is going on Nationally that weekend.
Also, they would need 117 certified judges to make that field with table captains. We may be cooking for a lot of celebrity judges, just to make it "interesting" and even more unpredictable.

I would love to cook for that kind of money and have everyone feel "it is just too far to travel" :lol:
That would really make our day :lol:

Actually, this is a dumb post--y'all just ignore me and stay home--OK????:lol:


04-10-2006, 09:02 AM
wow if I did not all ready have A bbq for that weekend I would go that is big $$ The comption in Kc will have 180 teams in it and my partty of 150 pepole there. Comption $$$ and a 100 teams that is a good one to enter

04-10-2006, 11:55 AM


lets seee....:cool:

oops..... got something going that weekend. :mrgreen:

04-11-2006, 11:16 PM
I have nothing going on that weekend and some air miles to cash in.
Let's talk.