View Full Version : Burner to Upgrade an offset to automatic smoker, first repeated order

08-29-2013, 11:04 AM
I have a few posts already about gravity feed burner, by which you can upgrade an offset to an automatic smoker.
But the heavy metal adds too much shipping cost from China to north American.and I did not have repeated order from same buyer till today.

Today I received following message from eBay.:

From: biljana1626
Sent: Aug-29-13 07:50 AM
You replied to this message on Aug-29-13.

Dear trustedinventer,

Hi, my name is Eli. I purchase one burner last year and it works great. I would like to purchase two more double wall burners but, I don't see them on here. With those two I would like to purchase two Lion controls do you still have those available. If you do let me know so I could proceed with my purchase. Also i would like to get a cold smoker as well. Thank you.


So before you plan to buy a decent wood pellet smoker, why not upgrade your offset to automatic smoker by your self.
Or when do you build a smoker, why do not you build it as automatic smoker.
My gravity feed burner and controller can take care of smoking for 10+ hours by themself. You will be liberated from manual care.
If you are a metal works, why not build automatic smoker which is much more simple and much more cheap in turn and much higher reliable than a traditional wood pellet smoker. I am looking for partners in States