View Full Version : My First Judging Experience

04-01-2006, 05:58 PM
This was not a sanctioned event. There were 33 teams, not bad for a small community cookoff and they actually turned away 7 or 8 teams due to lack of space.

I judged the ribs and beans. As I stated on the other thread, meat inspection was at 9 am and the rib turn in was at 1:30PM. IMHO, the rib results showed the lack of cooking time. Some had good flavor, but were a little chewey.

I had to spit out two bites, bitter chili powder taste. There were about 22 entries for ribs and judging that many boxes, by the end, they were all tasting the same and that was with eating a grape or two between bites, water and crackers.

There were a couple of snowbirds next to me. I heard one say, wow, that had a kick. I thought, I just judged that one and really I did not find any that were overly spicey.

As for the beans, there were 27 entries. Most were pretty good, a few very good and a few very bad.

The score sheet was a little different, it told you to consider appearance, aroma, texture and taste and then give an overall score of 1 to 10. I gave a lot of 6s and 7s with just a two 8s for ribs. Nothing higher and just a few lower. I gave one 9 for beans.

They were supposed to be spare ribs and I gave a 2 to the box of loin ribs. I brought this to the attention of the organizers, they seemed clueless. One guy said, those are spare ribs. I said, no, they are babyback ribs, they are curved. Spareribs are basically flat.

They weren't that good anyway, they had dried them out.

Like a few have observed on here, a lot of judges were just tasting entry after entry without stopping to eat a cracker or grape or drink water.

There were no coolers as they did not allow you to take the meat home.